Where will the Hawks Rest Now?

mature tree in snow

Sole survivor in this corner of a large field.

I pass a couple of small groves of mature trees on my freshly cut tree stumpsalmost daily trip to take my youngest daughter to school. I love these mature trees, and the local hawks are seen daily in their branches as they scout for prey. Some of the trees had nests, all of them were in harmony with the landscape. We live in a semi-arid region which is flat with few native trees. The residential areas have skinny young trees – nothing old and majestic. None of those trees are taller than the houses around here, so the mature trees on the edge of a farmer’s field were a lovely contrast. When you don’t have many trees, you appreciate what you have.

And when they’re gone, it hurts. I was mortified at the recent destruction of these grand old trees. It physically hurts me to drive by them. Gone. They left one old tree and the rest were chopped down and cut up.

I saw the wood chipper arrive one day for the smaller branches while the larger logs were cut into manageable segments with a sign giving them away.

Where will the hawks nest now? Where will they sit and watch the world?

fresh tree stumps in snowrecently cut timber