Bee Aware

These bees are so industrious!

These bees are so industrious!

We’ve all heard about the endangerment of the bee population, primarily due to an often-used herbicide. It’s tragic and could have quite an impact on the environment and our food supply if not reversed somehow. So I’m always thrilled to see bees thriving in today’s environment. When a friend reported a swarm living at her house, we were happy! No one tried to move or kill them – their presence was respected and honored.

Bee 5 CW

I was pleased this summer to see that the bees have returned to the flowers in my front yard. I planted oregano in the flower bed years ago, and it just took over. These beautifully unruly plants have gorgeous purple flowers that the bees love. If we were to eat the oregano, I hear we must harvest before they blossom, in order to get the best flavor. Who cares? I let it all go to flower because I love the gentle activities of the bees I hear all summer long. They keep coming back, so we keep the flowers watered and thriving. Bees need a little love and consideration! As we focus on eliminating that herbicide, we should also focus on safe havens for these hard-working pollinators. Let’s help them thrive!

Bee 6 CW

If you are really into bees, I recommend a visit here. Standingoutinmyfield is a Ph.D. biologist who has a way with bees. Her photography is inspiring and beautiful – and much of it focuses on bees!

bee 3 CW

I love the fragile wings above the bee’s sunny fuzziness. So furry!