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Bridging Two Worlds

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Which side should I choose to live on? The logs or the rocks? Both are strong and beautiful. (Click on any picture to see it enlarged.)

I feel as if I have each of my feet in different lands. As if I straddle a gently flowing stream, I stand with each foot on either side in decidedly dissimilar terrain. I’ve been doing this happily for quite a while. Although I look like I stand on one side or the other, I’m really on both most of the time. I am usually balanced this way, functioning in two disparate but beautiful, original worlds. Today, though, I’m tired.

These migrating geese caught the blaze of the sunset on their bodies. They straddle two different lands, but they do it one place at a time, migrating between.
These migrating geese caught the blaze of the sunset on their bodies. They straddle two different lands, but they do it one place at a time, migrating between.

Only one side calls my heart, and I’m ready to lose my balance, throwing myself to make a permanent home on the world that fulfills and nourishes me. I can visit the other side, but do I want to live there? What would that mean?

Barr Lake Bridge 1 CWMaybe I’m looking at this all wrong, and I should see what is right with this situation? Maybe it is an honor and a privilege to straddle two worlds, functioning in them both. Maybe I am a bridge, bringing something to both worlds that they couldn’t have alone. It is a lonely place to be. You never see a line of bridges, supporting each other, now do you? What does it mean to never stand solidly in one world? Am I always a foreigner, or do I always belong?

Butterfly White Black 1 CWMaybe I’m a butterfly, at home in the air, and on a leaf. Maybe I’m not so odd after all, and this is all about the introvert’s curse — I think about things way too much.


  1. I totally understand the straddling of two worlds. I think I’m off balance because I haven’t chosen to cross the bridge and live in the one that brings me most joy.


  2. there are days when the worlds shift and we feel like we have to choose or be split in two
    then in my world the moon comes up, I feel the silence and I know I cannot choose one or the other…on the otherside I felt so at home….but then I chose to come back when I heard my daughter…so I must belong here again..
    I like the ideal of being a bridge…what a wonderful thoughts…
    thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…You Matter…


  3. I think we all live in several worlds. Trying to bridge them can be a challenge. I am imagining those hanging bridges that wobble and you best not look down. Just do your best to stay balanced and not rock the bridge. 🙂

    I know you don’t post often, but you always give me something to think about.

    I just accept the worlds as they are and try to find enjoyment in each. 🙂


    1. Good point. I do try to make the most of each world, but sometimes I’m tired and long to stay in a fulfilling, nurturing place in which all my needs are met. I admit that I have these thoughts most frequently at 5:00 a.m. when the alarm goes off so that I can get up to go to work….


      1. Haven’t seen you, either.

        All’s well here. Still want to move, adding some nice touches to the house – before selling 🙂


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