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Did You Ever Surprise Yourself?

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from the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic gardens
from the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic gardens

Red flower against waterfall CWHave you ever had a moment of amazement, when you realized you can do

more than you thought you could? Have you ever amazed yourself?

I had heard of energy healing – often referred to as the laying on of hands, the movement of the holy spirit, Reiki (a specific flavor of energy healing), or shamanism. I didn’t think I could do it, but I was interested. I had taken no classes, read no books. I’d merely heard of it and was intrigued. I’m always willing to question authority, which extends to pretty much everything.

A long time ago, my husband was on a business trip many hours from home. He called me on his cell phone to tell me that he was in a rural area, at least an hour and a half from the nearest town. He was getting the aura that signaled a visual migraine, and he wasn’t sure how far he was going to be able to go before he lost his vision altogether. Normally, that signaled an onset within 15-30 minutes.Dandilion 1 CW He was nauseated, too, a common migraine symptom. He had no food, water, or medication with him and he wasn’t sure how he was going to stop a downhill slide. Without intervention, a migraine could easily last for hours. He was driving in the mountains and didn’t expect to maintain cell reception.

I felt helpless, as he was many hours away from me and insisted he would be fine. Don’t worry, he said. Right. So my daughter and I decided we didn’t know what we were doing, but we’d try that energy thing. It was an uneducated, untrained absolute shot in the dark. We faced the general direction of my husband/her father, and thought about beaming energy to him to make him feel better. After a minute or two of a well-intended experiment, we shrugged and went about our evening. We didn’t know what else we could do, but hoped he would be okay.

He finally called home a couple of hours later to let me know that he’d made it to the next town, got food and coffee, and everything was fine. He said that as soon as we hung up the telephone, he started feeling better and the headache eased. I could hear him laughing at his own silliness to think that the migraine had worried him. My daughter and I were shaking our heads, too, but for a different reason. For months, years even, my daughter and I argued over who had been responsible for fixing the migraine, each one crediting the other. It took a while for us both to consider that maybe we both were instrumental. Come to find out, it runs in the family. My grandfather did it routinely, and another daughter also shows her talent now and then with her pets.

What have you surprised yourself with? Is there something you discovered you could do that you’d never expected?

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What are you reaching for? What dreams help you grow?
What are you reaching for? What dreams help you grow?


Tribble's baby picture, summer 2010
Tribble’s baby picture, summer 2010
Happy little Tribble
Happy little Tribble
You never know what unexpected path you will find!
You never know what unexpected path you will find!


    1. We are working it! We have discovered a wealth of unforeseen ability. We’ve taken many classes, and it’s now a part of my business, Embers of Light!


  1. In my first Tai Chi class, the instructor sat us down to teach us how to feel our chi. Internally, I rolled my eyes. Years earlier, I worked with an actor who very publicly, pretentiously focused his chi before every performance, and honestly, I really just didn’t think that was something I was going to feel. I appreciated Tai Chi as a peaceful practice and a beautiful way of moving, but I didn’t think its spiritual applications were necessary or available to me. To my surprise, it only took seconds of “massaging” an invisible sphere in front of my heart chakra to feel this HUGE energetic push! it literally moved my hands! My eyes popped open and I shrieked, “What the hell?! Oh! Sorry!” My instructor laughed and said, “Welcome to Tai Chi.” Thanks for asking. I enjoyed your powerful story.


      1. It was a combination class I took at the University of Utah to fill some Humanities credits. I was interested in finally “getting around to doing yoga,” but it was the Tai Chi portion I soon came to enjoy more. I took the class again to learn the second [long] form. There’s real peace and power to that simple flow of movement!


          1. It does! I started this blog as more of an online journal than anything else, but I have been gratified by the meaningful conversations/connections I’ve had/made with people. Like you!


  2. My writing sometimes amazes me. I hit publish with fear and trepidation and then days or months later I will re-read something I wrote and can’t believe I wrote it. I am often astonished at my insight and ability to put what I know on the page.


  3. Karel: I am so glad that you and Danni had such success. Yes, my father cured all our ills that way. We just called it hocus pocus. The only time I ever tried it was when a childhood friend had a critical head injury. I didn’t know he had been injured until he came to me in a dream and asked for help. I almost didn’t recognize him because he was so thin. Well, we lived a thousand miles apart and I had not seen him since childhood. How do you help? In my meditation which was so deep I didn’t feel like I was even in this world, I could actually feel his head in my hands. I held his head and prayed for I have no idea how long. It was three years before I was able to talk to his wife. When I asked her when did he start to improve, she said three years ago. He had been bedfast, unable to stand. He would crawl on the floor to try to help with the housework while she was at work. To this day he can’t read and write but he can walk and talk and got some memory back. He can interact with the family and friends. That is a lot of healing and I had no idea I could do it either. It is the only time I ever tried; but someone asked.



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