white anemone

Sigh. Sometimes I’m a bit daft, I guess! Sorry.

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white anemone
This anemone looks so relaxed and carefree, but it can’t leave its aquarium. I doesn’t have much freedom to choose anything else.

This post was originally empty, just a headline. Why? Because I was responding to a comment on another post and somehow WP published it as a post. I don’t know what happened. Really? It makes my case. I was having a daft day!

There are times when I am processing a lot in the background. I look like I’m doing what I normally do. I’m going through the motions, but my mind or emotions are returning to another issue that is taking a lot more energy than I think it is. I fool myself into thinking that I am fine, but I’m processing. In this case, I have new projects cropping up and internal growth that is taking more energy than I think it is. On top of that, I have some physical changes as I tweak my diet and medication for a more full life (see Adrenal Insufficiency Explains a lot). As a result, I’m forgetful. I make simple arithmetic errors. Sigh. It’s a bit embarrassing, but very human.

It’s a time to be gentle with myself, don’t you think?

starfish, anemones


  1. It sounds like you are pretty normal and living a normal active life. It is good to be mentally active as well as physical. I have never known you to be mentally lazy. Keep up the good work.

    Interesting pictures!

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