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Surrender to the Path

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It’s hard to fight the wave when it’s bigger than you are. Know when to surrender.

When do you fight, and when do you surrender? When you find yourself falling in love, do you fight it? When do you acknowledge that to resist is futile and it is time to let go? After all, falling in love wasn’t my plan, and I was determined not to succumb. Nope, no way. The more I fought it, the harder everything got in my world. I finally saw I was helpless and surrendered. I let go; to continue the fight would hurt myself even more.

path, trail
Surrendering to the path can take you to unknown places.

Sometimes a path calls us and we resist. It wasn’t our plan; we had something else as a goal or destination. But the more we fight, the worse we feel. We try to turn the ship around and get stuck or we sink. When we accept our fate and stop the struggle against the flow, we find ourselves on a new path. We don’t know where it will lead, yet it turns out to be just right.

This process requires discernment and grace. When I start to feel stuck or my path seems to hard, I will ask myself why. Have I failed to accept a new path and spend all of my energy to remain on the old one? That keeps me from progressing in any direction. Maybe I need to acknowledge that it’s time to abandon my old path and enjoy the ride down the new one. When I accept the new direction, there is a shift to peace that puts me in a better place. But do I always know when that moment of surrender has arrived?

How do you know when it’s time to stop fighting the path that wasn’t your choice and to simply surrender?

floating leaf
The leaf floats effortlessly, having surrendered to the water.


  1. Perhaps knowing that we don’t always choose our path, often the path chooses us, may help in the going with the flow process. I did not plan on writing the book I did. It started as something else and it kept morphing so I went with the flow. The result was Alchemy 365: A Self-Awareness Workbook. I know that book chose me to deliver the words to the planet. I had to surrender because the current form of the book was all I could write. For me, surrender is not giving up, it’s giving in to what is calling me. This was a really good post, Karel…a good call to deeper insight. ❤

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  2. After resigning my part-time job at the nursing home, I was full of fury at the ‘bulldog’ managers but now that I have calmed down I am willing to forgive and forget (but I am still bewildered!) Thanks for this postxx

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    1. Their objective at the home is business and profit. Your objective has been to treat the residents as people of value. Your objective to love them all was in conflict – it wasn’t efficient business. Your writing can help more people, so the path is moving you in that direction….

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  3. Good question. When do we know it’s time to detour? For me it came when I was no longer satisfied and fulfilled and when new opportunities kept coming up to take me off that old worn out path to nowhere.

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