Feline Truce

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After my husband and I worked from home full-time this past year, we’ve seen our pets grow and become happier! In my last post, I featured Hannah, and today I want to shift species and talk about Nami and Gracie.

Bengal cat lays half asleep with her eyes closed and a visible smile.
Nami asleep on my lap while I type over her head.

Nami always spent her time with one of our children. As our nest emptied, she moved from child to child. Eventually, my husband and I were the only ones left, and she finally started hanging out with us after our older cat, Russell Sprout, passed away. I guess Sprout had staked his claim on us, and he prevented her from cozying up to us until after he was gone. In the three or so years since then, Nami began spending time with me sometimes in the evening at my computer.

Bengal cat looks a bit cross. Her eyes are slightly back and green eyes are half-slits.
Nami looks a little peeved here, I must have brushed her ear with my arm as I typed.

She made it quite clear that she demanded we take her camping with us rather than being left with the pet sitter. Pet sitters are for sissies, and in her mind, she is Nami- adventure cat! On the camping trips, her focus has been on the window and what she saw; we were just her accessories. Occasionally, she’d sit in my husband’s lap in the truck, showing that she was starting to soften up to us a little. We’d seen some changes after her 5-week walk-about when she’d been lost three years ago. At 16 now, she is starting to slow down a bit, but not much!

Gray cat with light-green eyes peers out from a small shelf.
Gracie looking out from her bed in the bookcase.

Nami’s arthritis has progressed a bit and medicating her is still difficult. She has a heating pad on the unused end of our large kitchen table, a heated bed beside my husband’s desk chair, and a heating pad on my desk, to the left of my monitors. She rotates between my husband’s desk and mine during the workday, saving the kitchen heating pad for the evenings when we are there eating, talking, or playing games.

Gray cat with light-green eyes watches me work from her bed on the top of a bookshelf.
Gracie loves being on the top of the bookshelf. She ignores the cat cave and favors the quilt my mother made for one of the dogs.

Then we brought Gracie home a year and a half ago. Nami was outraged, to say the least. Gracie was shy and didn’t want to rock the boat; Nami was confrontational and hostile. If she was napping and woke to notice Gracie in the room; she would narrow her eyes and spring her attack on Gracie. For the longest time, Gracie wouldn’t fight back.

Bengal cat lays with her front paws and head resting on the laptop computer with the lid down.
Nami uses my laptop as a pillow. It’s warm all day, hooked up to the docking station.

While my husband and I worked from home this past year, we saw this relationship mellow considerably. Nami sometimes sits on my lap while I work and enjoys meowing into the phone when I have a business call. One day, I was shocked to realize she was purring on my lap! It was a bit rough at first, but now she’s a pro again. Purring is progress for her, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m so pleased that she feels inspired to purr.

Gray cat with light-green eyes sits in front of the computer, looking at the camera with mad ears.
Lunch break is over, mom. Get to work!

Gracie finally stood up for herself a bit, and we have seen the two more at ease in each other’s presence – a truce. Nami has stopped lunging at Gracie when she enters my office area. They have downgraded hostilities over the last year.  Now, Gracie is often in my office on the bookcase to my right while Nami lays on the desk to my left, and everything is fine. Sometimes, Gracie gets a little lap-time while Nami is on her heating pad on the left. They may even sleep near each other without violence. It is still a delicate peace, but I will take it as the gift that it is. Progress!

A Bengal cat is curled up on a blue towel on her heating pad. Beside her a gray cat sleeps in a cat bed. Their postures are identical, but they aren't touching.
Nami is on the heating pad; Gracie is in the cat bed. I can’t believe that they are sleeping peacefully, so close together!


  1. Getting to know all the little life forms we are graced with is always a treat… even through some of the rougher patches! I very much enjoyed this post. Fun the things I sometimes ‘stumble’ into! 🤗

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. I saw a brief kitty kiss between them the other day – a brief touching of noses. Of course, there was also a swat and attack earlier in the week. Perhaps that is the way of cats, pure feelings, no covering them up. Maybe there is some wisdom there.

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  2. Aaaww…it’s so nice to read about your cats. I guess Work from home really did wonder for them.
    They are such beautiful cats. Maybe I can cats too once Anka moved out for college (but that would be years from now)

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          1. The turtles have no influence on my asthma, I meant I used to have a cat but My father gave him away because he made my asthma worst.

            I no loner have asthma after I doing a lot of hiking

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          2. Ah, that makes more sense. A lot of people are allergic to cats. My husband and I both are, but we have cats anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  3. It’s always so much nicer when there is peace! We were always lucky that our cats got along, new ones were usually welcomed fairly quickly by our easy-going originals. ♥

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  4. **apawss apawss Nami fore furinallee mellowin an fore lettin Gracie bee yore Sistur! Yore so beeuteefull an sure due NOT look 15 yeerss old!! Gracie yore so purrty an reegal…mee iss happy you an Nami have a truce an hope it lastss furrever!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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  5. Reminds me of when we brought Frankie home and Chris fought with him all the time. After a month or so Chris decided he wanted to be friends but Frankie didn’t trust him. Eventually, they worked it out and they are now good buddies 90 percent of the time.

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  6. Beautiful kitties!!
    Glad they are into the ‘lets be (almost) friends’, now. A big step in the right direction.

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    1. It sure is! Since I want peace in the house, my desk, and my lap, an end to hostilities is welcome. Every once in a while, I see a tender gesture, almost a kiss, and that warms my heart!


  7. I hope the peace can continue even if you have to go back to work away from home. When I worked at our local humane society I often had a cat living in my office and spent most of my days typing around a cat that was sitting on my lap and sometimes laying against my chest giving me a hug. It sure made working a bit challenging but well worth any discomfort.

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    1. I can see that it would be with it! I worked remotely a couple of days each week before the pandemic, and I expect to go back to that schedule or perhaps a little more remote work even when we all return to the office. Hopefully, that won’t be too hard on us all. I won’t like giving up 2 hours each in-office day to the commute and trading quiet, supportive pets to loud and talkative colleagues and coworkers.


    1. Yeah. I was certainly impatient, which didn’t match up with such a shy little girl and the overbearing elder cat. I’m so relieved that it has all worked out!


        1. That’s sad. I think that Nami and Russel Sprout had similar issues. Nami stayed with the kids and stayed away from my husband and I until Russel passed away. They couldn’t share space.

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    1. I have to admit that I really enjoy Nami’s change to being a lap cat. She has been so fiercely independent and a bit aloof for so long. I like this side of her.

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  8. So lovely to see such beautiful, well-looked-after cats. Good to see them sleeping so close to each other now. It happened like that with two of my cats. They all have their individual characters.

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