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The cause of mental illness- – it isn’t what you think

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I’ve read a number of pieces recently about the cause of mental illness. Several models have been pitched that couldn’t maintain support over the long term (such as bad


mothering or genetics). Take a look at this article which outlines some of the sociological causes, and unusual and effective treatments, of a very complex issue. I don’t know that it hits all the causes, but it looks a lot closer than the old models. From my professional experience, I think the author makes some good points.

What do you think?


  1. Wow, this blows me away. I know for a fact that those voices can be silenced by the individual hearing them responding to them. This happened in my own life and experience, but I have never seen this in print before. Thank you so very much for this important information. I have some friends who still suffer from this terrible condition and now I actually have some research and application to back it up. I am going to do a Google Search now for
    Hearing Voices network… Thank you and God bless you, kdkh. Fondly, Stephen.

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    1. When we see depression as one-dimensional, we short-change people and don’t even consider some of the important supports that can help them get better. I’m glad this article spoke to you.


    2. Oh, okay I guess my graphic card driver wasn’t up to date because now I see the coloration of those words. Just downloaded it from Intel. Thank you so very much for your excellent and timely assistance. Fondly, Stephen. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article. I think it’s such a complex topic, and I’m not an expert in it, although I am familiar with some of the current research on epigenetics which touches on some of the same themes – the complex interplay between genes, womb conditions, and environmental factors in shaping which genes then come to the surface. And some of the womb conditions and parenting ‘triggers’ are uncomfortable, because parents, and especially moms, do not need to feel any more pressure than we already do! And yes, obviously there is something there. I’m glad at least that we are moving beyond the simplified models of looking at mental illness as all biological/genetic or all psychological/environmental. To me this means we are starting to understand the mind-body connection in more depth, and that can only be good. – Lisa


    1. Yes, but it also points to sociological triggers, which I haven’t heard much about before. It’s a very complex subject, as you point out. Thank you for reading.


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