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In times of stress, this makes everything better

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Jazz, my husband's dog and my deep friend.
Jazz, my husband’s dog and my deep friend.
Jazz, our red miniature poodle, always smells great. Or other dogs, not always.

In times of deep distress, there is one thing that comforts me like no other: a deep sniff of my dog’s fur. Cat fur comes in second. I just need to clarify that as a poodle, my dog has hair, really, not fur. And we keep him pretty clean. But out of respect for his really sensitive and powerful nose, I use unscented shampoo and conditioner. So when I take a sniff, I smell just that wonderful clean doggy smell.

Hot tea comes in third.

This handmade Japanese tea cup was a gift from the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Colorado.
This handmade Japanese tea cup was a gift from the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Colorado.



  1. You snuggle up close and sniff your companion human. We are all here to support each other; it goes both ways! If you don’t have a companion person, then I hope you have another companion to cuddle with. No one should have to go through life alone.


  2. Although I don’t have dogs but I understand what you meant. For me, it is rubbing my turtle’s neck and sinking down to a good music comes second.

    By the way, why did you say my husband’s dog not our dog?


    1. It is a point of jest. The dog was my gift to him, but I tease him that the dog loves me best. He claims the dog loves him best! But of course Jazz is spoiled by both of us!


      1. Ah.. I see 🙂
        That made me remember a short story by Stephen King, the husband gave his wife a cat and turned out the cat loved the husband more and when the wife gave the husband a dog, the dog loved the wife more.


        1. Well, in our family, all companion animal eventually gravitate to me, our oldest daughter, or our youngest daughter. My son made us all stay away from his parrot, so that the bird’s loyalties would stay with him. Now, the bird is very lonely.


  3. I love to snick my nose into my dogs fur and have a good sniff. Regardless of what other smells they may have on their fur (the lawn, my quilt, earth, beetles) underneath it all I can smell just them… warm, consistent, beautiful, comforting, them.


  4. My cats Spouting and Toby-two-shoes smell wonderful. I bury my face in their fur and breathe. Anytime…this makes everything better. Lovely post, thanks.


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