Lifting Up (part 2)

Heron flying low 2 CWI wanted to introduce more wonders over the skies of Colorado.



Redwing blackbird on a catail 1 CWThere just wasn’t enough room in my last post for the beautiful birds and uplifting sights I’ve seen here. I was raised in the flatlands of Texas that were just dust and oil wells. The mountains were difficult to get used to. For the first ten years here, I’d glimpse the mountains when I was driving out and about and be startled.

Where did those come from? The first time I saw them as a child, they terrified me. I thought they’d fall on me. Now, after 23 years, I love the mountains; they feel like dear and trusted friends.

Shorebirds take offjpg CWSo why is it that I just now have discovered all the watery places here? And I’ve just now discovered all the birds flying through? I’ve always been aware of the geese, because they are loud and their migration Shorebird standing with one landing CWgenerates much local speculation about how early or late winter is coming. But now, I see much more. I just can’t stop looking up.

Moon over Colorado

Moon over Colorado

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