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Peace with a Shy Moon

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Full moon CW
The slight glow around the moon is the penumbral eclipse.

The full moon was so energized last night that I could feel a very subtle buzz when I cleared my mind and was still. I’d missed the other eclipses this year, and wanted to see this one. My protective (thank goodness!) hubby wouldn’t let me go out to a remote location alone during the middle of the night, so we went together to watch the moon. What’s more peaceful than moonlight and a loved one on a crisp autumn night? When in total eclipse, the stars were visible even in the suburbs. We’d hoped to see a few shooting stars from the Draconian meteorite shower, but no luck there. These photos don’t do the moon justice, but I’m limited by my lack of skill and experience on this one. The camera was up to it, but I need more practice! Click on a photo to see it enlarged.




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