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Seeking the Mystery

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photo courtesy of NASA
photo courtesy of NASA

Do you ever wonder if animals believe in God? Do they connect with the divine? Do they see angels? I wonder about this, as I suspect that in some ways they are very connected to the Creator. After all, they practice non-judgment – so hard for humans — as a daily part of their lives.

During a recent past life regression, the client experienced a life as a lizard. It was hard to figure out at first, because it felt “ordinary” to him. What wasn’t ordinary? The lizard was drawn to a body of water that felt spiritual to him. He experienced a glow of blue-violet light which bathed his body. When he moved toward the light, he found deeper peace and wonder. He stayed by the spiritual water and followed the light because he seeks “the mystery.”

I was very touched by this and hope that we all can see in our animals a connection to the Divine.


  1. Very touching, and timely for me too as I am still grieving that 3 of our 4 pets passed away last year. The house seems so quiet but I’m too heartbroken to even consider another dog or more cats. I dream about them and they always seem happy. I believe they are in Heaven. Lovely post. I find that man’s journey fascinating and wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Fascinating. Once at a shamanic retreat we ‘journeyed’ and I became a tuatara; a small gorgeous New Zealand lizard. Tuataras are small creatures but I remember thinking, as one of them, I’m a big guy who can look after myself. It was an insight into perspective, mine as a human looking down at a small tuatara and life as a tuatara looking around at the world. It felt like the tuatara didn’t think about God because he WAS God. Completely filled to the brim with being tuatara.

    By the way, tuataras are the only creature on earth that has a third eye, they are fascinating creatures.


    1. Thanks, Denise, for commenting. I think that animals are much like people. Some are more spiritual than others (like the lizard in my post), some are more empowered (like Tuatara), and some feel like victims and subject to the whims of everyone/thing else. Big variety. I enjoy hearing about your experience! Thank you for chiming in!


    1. The spirituality of animals is a passion of mine, but i know it makes many people confused. It confronts much of what we’ve been taught in church and school – but this is from an actual session with a real person….

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