Pink wildflowers

Colors, Colors Everywhere and all I see is Fruity Pebbles?

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indigo flowers
Today’s pictures don’t come close to what I saw in my dream or its reinterpretation, but given the limitations of my home photo, it will have to do as a representation of color. Does anyone know what these flowers are called? I saw them once and loved them.

I was dreaming the other morning and experienced the oddest sensation when the alarm went off.OrchidsAs I awoke with one arm reaching for the snooze button, I was seeing the last remnants of the final scene of the dream. I was moving through a field of glorious points of light of all different colors. It was so beautiful! As my left and logical side of the waking brain took over, it re-imaged that scene. Suddenly I saw a bowl Fruity Pebbles with milk. I kid you not. The dreaming brain sees gorgeous colored lights in a way I’ve never seen before. The logical brain doesn’t accept that and “translates” the dream scene to something more familiar. Wow. Fruity Pebbles. I’ve seen them a few times when my children brought them home from the store, but I don’t even like them. Why did my brain see that as an equivalent image? I don’t know, maybe some part of me interpreted those lights as being really sweet!Pink wildflowers


  1. I love hydrangeas and only learnt about the type you show here this year. I remember the other big bushy bold ones from Nana’s.

    I know what you mean about the dream colours. I once saw primary colours in their purest forms while in bed one night. The colours were so extraordinary that I still think about them sometimes, 10 years later.

    Lovely post, thanks.

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    1. Yes, I also have dreams that have stayed with me for many, many years. I think I finally understand one recurring dream from she 4-7. I Finally get it after all this time.


  2. It drives me crazy when such odd things happen in dreams. The top picture looks like hydrangea flowers, they’re the same shape and grow in clusters. The leaf shape looks right for hydrangeas too, and they do come in blue (as well as purple, pink and white).

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      1. Hydrangeas are actually my favorite flowering plant (I love all small flowers that grow in clusters). The blue/purple variety is stunning, especially when the colors are vibrant. We tried growing them here a couple of times, but apparently our soil isn’t right for them.

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