red calf

Is THAT my Teacher?

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bull elk, Rocky Mountain National Park
This elk bull may know plenty about survival and mating, but I’ll bet there can still be something that a youngster could teach him.

There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. When I was ready to move into a new phase in my life, but I wasn’t sure which direction to go, I wondered where my teacher was. Not long after, I answered an ad for a class and voila’! The change I was seeking also appeared. Sometimes, we don’t know what we need and the teacher we get isn’t what we expected. I see that I must have been seeking oodles of interesting instruction, because I have four children – er, teachers.

Many of you may think that parents teach their children, and that’s a one-way street. I’m here to say that my children have each taught me many things. When they take up that nasty habit of repeating my words back to me (they actually were listening!), I get my self as a teacher in a round-about way. Like when I didn’t want to go to the pool because I thought I didn’t look good in a bathing suit. One of my daughters asked if I was going to let what others think dictate my life. *Groan* I had said the same thing to her not long before, when she wasn’t going to do something that she wanted to do because it wasn’t cool. (Of course, I had to go to the pool in my bathing suite then!)

red calf
This youngster can teach a lot about innocence, joy, and openness that his jaded parents may need to re-learn.

My children have also taught me deeper, bigger lessons about life and love that I couldn’t have gotten any other way. Seeing the world through their eyes can be enriching and liberating. It often leads to self-examination and change on my part as I see where I’ve been lacking. They’ve helped me shed belief systems that didn’t support my values and embrace an awareness that my life sorely needed.

For example, I grew up in an area of the country known for straight talk and rugged individualism. There, a capable person was taught never to depend upon others. My son taught me otherwise. While intelligence is great, he showed me that life is richer when I leave the illusion of safety I found in emotional independence. When I connect with others, my life is richer. Each of my three daughters has been my teachers, too. There’s not enough space to list it all. I must have had a lot to learn! But none of it would have happened, had I not been willing to open my heart and listen, trusting that they were wonderful beings and a beautiful perspective.

pine saplings in snow
These baby trees may not have as much wisdom as older trees, but they know a lot about standing strong in a difficult environment.


  1. What a lovely post.

    This part is the one that I can relate so much: There, a capable person was taught never to depend upon others. My son taught me otherwise. << We will always depend on others because for some things we aren't capable of.

    My favorite manga shared the same thing. The captain says that he can't cook, he can't play sword, he can't even navigate. The opponent laugh at him and call him useless captain and he says that's why I have my friends and I will do what I can do, that is to defeat you.

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    1. Thank you. Having always been taught to depend upon no one, I came late to the teamwork concept. I’m working it, now, though. Learning a lot.


  2. Good observations and thoughtful insight. Maturity is knowing and understanding that you don’t know it all and that even the “least of these” has important things they can teach us.


    1. I see everyone as a spiritual equal. There is no less than and no greater than. It is this perspective that allows everyone a potential teacher.


  3. I have had the same experience, Karel. Not just with my children, but with my husband, friends, strangers, and teachers. It feels like life is a lesson and when we stay open to possibility, it shows up.

    Thank you for being such a willing student. I believe every time we are open to let more light in, we have more light to share with the world. I appreciate you.

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    1. Thank you, Brenda. I appreciate you, too. I have found teachers everywhere, including my animal companions — as soon as I opened to learn.


  4. This is so true, I’ve noticed the same things throughout my life. I think it’s those who are open to seeing it and hearing the lessons, no matter who or where they come from, who are open to positive growth. There are wonderfully enlightening and enriching lessons *everywhere* if we just open our eyes and minds to them. 🙂

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