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The Wayward Path

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writing, booksI’ve been working on a young adult (YA) fantasy novel for off and on for some time, now. I was accepted into the Adventures in YA Publishing website’s First Five Pages workshop. The workshop publishes the first 1250 words of my novel on the Internet for comment and review by author and agent mentors as well as interested members of the public. Just to be clear, my work was selected because it was one of the first five received that met the necessary criteria, not because it had special merit. Of course, I think it’s wonderful! Beta readers have waxed poetic about it, etc., but it’s a bit different than the usual negative dystopia YA novels currently being published. The Wayward Path is a fantasy novel with a metaphysical bent, so if you only read historical romances or non-fiction, etc. I won’t be offended if you don’t take a look. I know that many of my blogging friends are writers, though, and I hoped that you could give me some constructive feedback.

If you have a yen, please take a look and leave your comments at this link THE WAYWARD PATH . If you’re wondering what type of comment is appropriate, take a look at the link, How to Read the First 5. Comments are supposed to focus on developmental editing (not proofreading).

Many thanks to those who take the plunge. Of course, if you have agent recommendations or other input, I’d love to hear those here. Thanks for taking a look!


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