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Begging for It

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bee, blossomsFor years, I thought there was a plan or a purpose for my life. I thought that my life’s work awaited me and I just hadn’t been good enough to put it into action. Today, I realized that the universe has been waiting for me to want it. It didn’t want me engaging in my life’s work because it was my fate, job, or duty. The universe wanted me to want it so much that I’d get down on my knees and beg for it. It wanted me to stop seeing my life’s work as a dream or mantle of responsibility and see it as my lifeblood. All is free choice here; it wanted me to choose my future rather than take what I thought was my lot. As I sincerely choose, the real work begins.


  1. Good thinking. Life is not an assignment; it is a choice. That is what free will is all about. The trick is recognizing and understanding the choices. I have always found that to be the tricky part.


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