Tree Fingers

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Stubby fingers
Stubby fingers
Baby fingers
Baby fingers

To stay in balance, I need time outside, in nature. Quiet time, not on my smartphone or listening to music. On a recent hike, I saw tree fingers everywhere I looked!

tree branch
mossy finger

They were young, old, and bent out of shape. Clean-shaven or mossy, straight or bent, there were fingers.

broken arms, long fingers

In life and in death, they all sought to hold the world everywhere.together. That’s just one service provided by the miracle of nature we know as trees!

Tree fingers 2 CW.jpg


    1. I don’t think I’m all that poetical either. But I doubt things look like this in a rai forest where you are! I login a semi-arid climate, so things are pretty different.

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  1. You really know how to use that camera! The pictures are wonderful. I am so glad that you enjoy nature so much. I always see trees as being like people…or people like trees. The variety is wonderful. Both show the blessings and scars of living.


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