aspen tree

Aspens Teach Us Oneness

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aspen grove
Aspen grove – these are probably all one tree; they just look separate.
aspen tree
Thanks to Standing Out In My Field for showing me how to photograph trees this way!

I’ve been thinking of oneness — the concept that all living creatures are just different facets of the same jewel or just different parts of the same organism. This is a concept that many resist because we don’t want to think that we’re the same as our enemies, pets, or food. Understandable. And yet, that doesn’t keep it from being true.

According to Wikipedia, The largest single living organism is thought to be a colony of quaking aspens in Utah. Above ground, we see individual trees, but underground they are all connected through the same root system – all one organism.

aspen trees
The dark marks on the trees are scars from being nibbled by hungry deer or elk.

What if people are the same way? We think we are individuals, but we are joined at the soul in one large entity? What if animals are just another shoot from the tree – and another piece of the soul? Would we treat them differently if we knew we were one? Would we still turn away from those in need?

Everywhere we look today, we find people searching for their tribe, family, or kindred spirits. People seem to be hardwired to have a need to belong. What if what we were searching for was the feeling of oneness – knowing and accepting that we are all connected? What if we are all part of the same being, and it is just our belief that we are separate that makes us feel alone?


  1. Alan Watts points out that we are not born into this world, like an artefact distickt from everything else. We are born out of this world, being part of everything, and everything being part of us. Or, as Carls Sagan express it; we are all stardust.


    1. Oooh – that book looks interesting g on several levels. Thanks for the recommendation. I also sent it to my daughter.I’ve read sci-fi books about hive mentality. Fascinating!

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    1. I saw your lovely, heartfelt post. How differently we approach the same topic and the same urge to recognize the connection we maintain to All! And yet, we are in agreement.


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