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When the Living is (Suspiciously) Easy

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Flowing river

I value going with the flow. It’s all about being in sync with the universe and recognizing right timing. It’s about being patient and waiting for the right time to act, so I work in concert with everyone else’s efforts, the timing in my life, or when an idea is ripe. Working in the flow is much easier than against the flow, which is like swimming upstream. When I look back at times I was in the flow, I was flexible and recognized the “right” time to sleep, work, or enjoy my family. Everything seemed to happen in divine timing and with great results.

This last year has been great as I shifted to pursue inner work that required comparatively less structured work than in the past. I relaxed and came into a new type of fullness which promoted emotional growth and maturity. This phase concluded several months ago, and it was time to plan what to do next. I proceeded with lots of activity but little progress.

rain runoff
Your flow can be twisty-windy or just strong enough to get where you need to go. It doesn’t have to be a tidal wave – in fact you probably don’t want a flow that strong.

If I want to achieve my life’s work and contribute to the community, I need to set my goals and work my plan. After the growth and reflection of this past year, my path is clearer, and I have a long list of my next steps. I just don’t happen to get much done. I track my activities and see actions that look like I’m focusing where I need to. I carve out time for my business, meditation, clients, etc. Yet I never seem to make progress. I finally had to admit that I wasn’t going with the flow anymore; I was taking the path of least resistance. Part of being your own change agent is being aware of when things are in sync – and when they aren’t.

That was my clue. Although I’ve been “busy,” my actions either were distractions or at the wrong time; they weren’t helpful for my path. I finally admitted I wasn’t going with the flow anymore. I was taking the path of least resistance. I spent time doing things that pleased everyone but contributed little to my quality of life or that made a real difference.

hawaiian beach; place of refuge
This is a calm day and the ocean flow looks manageable. It isn’t always this way for the ocean, but I hope it’s this way in your life.

I’m refining my list of goals and schedules. I’m weeding out things that are unnecessary distractions and adding some things that keep me healthy and happy. I’ve done my inner work and set down my project plan and goals, but there comes a time when I actually have to DO some work. That action must meet my intentions, but it must also honor the energetic flow of right timing. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and focus on not just the work, but also its flow. I’m leaving the path of least resistance and rejoining the flow.

This article was first published in the January edition of Sibyl Magazine along with many brilliant authors. Check it out here on page 35.



  1. I have been off-blogging for awhile, with just reading or writing the occasional post. You always have something valuable to say and I thank you for your wisdom. Ming turned 23 today and has gone on a motorbike ride with friends but his chronic depression last year has exhausted me. I have hope, of course, as Ming has a good handle on self-awareness but argh!

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    1. Thank you, Jules! You are most kind. As a caretaker, it must be hard to find your own life amidst those you take care of. I know you are working very hard to be yourself as well as take care of Anthony. And when those we live with and love are depressed, it can affect us deeply. Keep your chin up and hang in there. Hugs to you.

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  2. interesting distinction between staying in the flow and taking the path of least resistance. i hadn’t thought of that. i’ll try to be conscious of it when i get out of the strong backward current that was the end of my 2016! 🙂

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