orange cat, tulips

Weirdest Wedding Vow Renewal Ever

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My husband gave me tulips for Valentine’s Day this year.

A couple of months ago, my husband, four children, pseudo-daughter-in-law, and I were playing The Voting Game.*  We had to vote for the person in the game that fit the card presented for each round. For example, I was voted by all six other players to be someone who had thrown a birthday party for a dog. I’de never done that, but I was the closest thing to that kind of person at the table. It was this vote that inspired me to throw a birthday party for my red poodle a month later. It was all in good fun, and since I served bacon, there were both human and dog guests. Even if everyone thought it was silly, they could be silly to get bacon!

tulipsWe were having fun, lots of laughs and teasing as we played. Then, the card presented in The Voting Game was who we would choose to be our cell mate should we be imprisoned for life. What kind of question is that? Well, when the voting was over, I was shocked to see that someone had voted for me. Who? My husband. And I had voted for him, too. Yup, 20 years of marriage isn’t enough. I could see the comparison of marriage to imprisonment and thought it was pretty funny! We still chose each other, after all has been said and done. It struck me that choosing each other as cellmates for life was the weirdest wedding vow renewal ever!

*I was not compensated for mentioning the game.

orange cat, tulips
The tulips are a week older now and wide open. Russell Sprout gives them a sniff.


  1. It’s a very strange question, but there aren’t many people I could stand to share a cell with for even a few days so it’s quite a compliment that you chose each other.

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