stream, North Umpqua river

Unsticking Everything at Once

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beaver dam
A beaver dam in rural Colorado permits only a trickle of water out of the pond. It’s not really moving much.

After living in the flow fairly consistently for the past three years, I found myself out of the flow several months ago. I felt like my life had been paused. Nothing was moving forward; the days looked the same, and everything bored me. I have so many projects going on that I should never get bored. I just move from one to the next, as time and my mood dictate. Even my to-be-read stack did not interest me, so I knew there was a problem; I just wasn’t sure how to fix it. I asked the universe to help me understand the problem.

North Umpqua River, stream
North Umpqua River, Oregon This river is flowing, even through the section that looks still. When it hits the rocks, you can see the movement – a little drama!

I was listening to a video by an author I admire, and she said that boredom was a sign of being stuck. To stop being stuck, I needed to remedy a decision that I hadn’t made. Ah-ha! And at that moment I knew the problem and how to fix it. I had been inspired by a project several years ago, which I’ve worked on and then paused several times. I was waiting for the right time to move it on to the next step of its journey. I was afraid of rejection, criticism, and disappointment, so the time never seemed right. We have free choice, so I rationalized that I could let it sit, unfinished, if that was my choice.

Apparently, I was wrong. Because doing nothing was not a decision that supported my life. If it was a trivial matter, I doubt I would have seen this effect. This must be a bigger deal than I thought, though, because it has been a sticking point.

stream, North Umpqua river
Beautiful flow

Recognizing this, I took several actions to move this creative project on to the next phase of production. The result? Everything in my life is also moving. Every creative project is moving forward; the housework is moving forward. My 9-5 job has taken an accelerated course as things are being supported and completed faster than I had any reason to expect. It was as if a giant plunger suctioned out the clogs in every part of my life!

North Umpqua river, water, stream
More beautiful flow

We have free choice, but an unfavorable decision will still lead to an unfavorable result. When I make a decision to step off my life’s intended path, I get a gentle correction. I see people who are economically stable and cared for but are nonetheless unhappy and unfulfilled, and I wonder where they strayed from their path or made a decision that did not support their life’s work. Can they ever return to their path? Yes; I think that it’s often like the GPS – their soul is constantly recalculating to bring them where they need to be. I’m so grateful that I heard the hint and understood its worth. As your own change agent, I encourage you to see if there’s an important action that you’ve been putting off. Was there a decision that you haven’t made?

Also published in Sibyl Magazine.

North Umpqua river, water, stream
This shallow river is getting a little dramatic here. Lots of fast flow!

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