wagging dog

Sweet Dreams

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dog with toys
Tribble outside with her toys last summer.

I had good dreams last night, and all four of my dogs were in my dream, off leash and being fun. It was a good dream, but nothing like Tribble’s! I was working at home today and I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. Tribble was wagging her tail like crazy – while sound asleep. That must have been a wonderful dream! Tribble always seems like such a happy girl. Oh that we could all be so lucky!

wagging dog
Tribble is awake in this photo, but the tail is happy!


    1. I usually hear little squeals and see some twitching. The tail wagging took it to a whole. We level! I’d love to see my cat be an active sleeper, but we hear nary a peep.


    1. Tribble is 1/4 miniature schnauzer, 1/4 Affenpinscher, 1/4 miniature poodle, and 1/4 beagle. I guess the beagle dominated her coloring, but the schnauzer dominates her fur texture. She’s always a happy girl, though!

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      1. We didn’t do DNA on Sammy, but had good reasons to believe he had beagle, schnauzer and cocker in him, at the very least. I didn’t realize the coloring was beagle. Thanks for that tip. (Sammy was a great dog!)

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        1. When I discovered Tribble’s mama was knocked up when we got her, I called the people who had her before to ask about the daddy. Mama dog was tiny and if the dad was big, we’d need a c-section. Luckily, he wasn’t big. Just hormonal.

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