wagging dog

Sweet Dreams

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dog with toys
Tribble outside with her toys last summer.

I had good dreams last night, and all four of my dogs were in my dream, off leash and being fun. It was a good dream, but nothing like Tribble’s! I was working at home today and I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. Tribble was wagging her tail like crazy – while sound asleep. That must have been a wonderful dream! Tribble always seems like such a happy girl. Oh that we could all be so lucky!

wagging dog
Tribble is awake in this photo, but the tail is happy!


  1. Kali is the dreamer here and when she dreams she talks and her paws start moving. I often wonder if she is chasing something. I have never seen Shoko make these movements in her sleep. Perhaps she is sleeping in her sleep.


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    1. I usually hear little squeals and see some twitching. The tail wagging took it to a whole. We level! I’d love to see my cat be an active sleeper, but we hear nary a peep.


    1. Tribble is 1/4 miniature schnauzer, 1/4 Affenpinscher, 1/4 miniature poodle, and 1/4 beagle. I guess the beagle dominated her coloring, but the schnauzer dominates her fur texture. She’s always a happy girl, though!

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      1. We didn’t do DNA on Sammy, but had good reasons to believe he had beagle, schnauzer and cocker in him, at the very least. I didn’t realize the coloring was beagle. Thanks for that tip. (Sammy was a great dog!)

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        1. When I discovered Tribble’s mama was knocked up when we got her, I called the people who had her before to ask about the daddy. Mama dog was tiny and if the dad was big, we’d need a c-section. Luckily, he wasn’t big. Just hormonal.

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