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Flowers are the epitome of change. They develop, bloom, and die so quickly. And yet, they are worth it.

I want to thank Aguycalledbloke and  Anita Bowen at Onelightonesource for nominating me for the 3-Day Quote Challenge.  The rules are simple: I must thank those who nominated me, post one quote per day for three consecutive days, and nominate new bloggers each day. I’m on day two of the challenge, although I’m not sticking strictly to the rules. I’ve not had time to post daily. Ever. Today’s quote:

All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
Is Change.

Is Change.

–Octavia Butler


I’ll go ahead and nominate three of my blogging friends, but if they are not interested in participating, I won’t hold it against them! The blogosphere is a place of flexibility and meant to bring joy in connecting; I don’t want to make blogging a chore for any one.

I nominate:

Amy: Lexi the Schnauzer & Friends

Feeding Squirrels on my Way to Work

Ally: Welcome to my Little Piece of Quiet

goffin's cockato
Sugar must be rolling in godliness, because he is such a bringer of chaos. And what is chaos? Lots of changes going on at once.




    1. Thank you. I think about change a lot. Being a change agent for good is kind of my job description, but I see all kinds of change and I see how it is handled in different ways. Fascinating!


  1. Thank you so much for your nomination. I accept, and will take up the challenge in a couple of weeks.
    Your quote is very interesting and thought-provoking, especially since the bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I think it is more that people grow and change. And because of that, we come more into God’s love and grace, perceiving more with His/Her eyes. So it feels like God changes, but it is actually us. This would be a great topic for discussion.

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