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My Week in Pictures

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I had to take Sugar, our Goffin’s Cockatoo, to the avian veterinarian across the city because he was breathing hard and making funny noises with each breath. When we stepped out of the car, storm clouds were rolling in. We never felt the hail or rain, as it moved in after we drove home 32 miles away, but I could admire its innate power. Sugar is making a rapid recovery, much to my relief.

Summer thunderstorm

Back at home, River lounged lazily.

standard poodle
Our little young girl looks tired after emptying her food bowl and gnawing her bone toy. Here, she is satiated and lazy.

I’m reveling in apricot season and the beginning of peach season here.

baked chicken
Sunday dinner, a backed chicken with glaze and snuggled by onions and fresh apricots. YUM!

I must seem pretty odd to the dogs, because they are always watching.

Watching me from the stairs, wondering what in the world I’m doing, are Jazz (left) and Tribble (right) part of the home pack.

Summer has arrived with temperatures in the 90’s (Fahrenheit). 

Cherries on our young tree in the front yard.

Tribble is a constant companion when I am home. Nothing exciting going on here, just routine life.

dog's nose
Tribble, up close and personal. What a lovely little nose!





  1. 1. So glad Sugar is recovering. I know that often by the time a bird shows signs of illness, it is too late.
    2. Those clouds are strange and beautiful looking.
    3/. That apricot chicken is making my stomach growl. Really.
    4.Can I have Tribble?
    5. What amazing fruit trees you have in your own yard!! We all love fruit.

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    1. Yes, as prey animals, birds don’t show their illness if at all possible. As soon as I knew his breathing was off, I took him to the specialist the same day. He has been sick before and pulled through. He is incredibly healthy, even though his diet is a bit questionable. He wants whatever I am eating. Luckily, I eat pretty healthy. As for the fruit trees, the birds and squirrels usually get the fruit first. I don’t mind; I like the idea of giving back to nature. And Tribble? No way! She’s too wonderful to give up!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish it had been a shot. Trying to catch and medicate him every night has been stressful for all of us. I’m just quite relieved that he’s getting better!


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