red fox

What a Fox!

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This marmot was not afraid of us, but alerting on something behind us!

It was just an innocent walk to a sacred site in the Big Horn mountains of northern Wyoming. We hadn’t even gone very far when I heard a marmot alarming to our right. I was a bit surprised because the marmots was a comfortable distance away and we shouldn’t have been seen as a threat. Then a hiker coming toward my husband and I gestured to our dogs and asked, “so you brought a fox with you?”

Is it my impagination, or is this guy smiling?

Our cat and senior, arthritic dog still slept in the camper with our youngest, who skipped the three-mile hike, but we had three of our dogs with us, and none of them even slightly resembled a fox. I was confused and started to say “no” when she dropped to one knee and began taking pictures of the trail behind us.

Fox yawning
Dogs will yawn to indicate to other dogs that they are n’t feeling agressive. I had hopes this yawn was a good sign.

I turned to look and saw that a fox had been following us up the trail, and the woman first thought that he was a dog with us. I also squeezed off a few photos, which I wanted to share with you here.

Fox teeth
Ok, he’s not looking friendly any more. My, what big teeth you have!

I ran into a ranger some distance down the trail, shoveling some of the snow away from the trail. Yes, the area still had pockets of snow in mid-summer. It is not as hot at that elevation, at or near tree-line.

red fox
The fox finally left the trail when an unfriendly male hiker approached.

I was worried that the hungry-looking fox would continue to follow us, less openly, in hopes of making a quick lunch of our small dog Garnet. I was relieved when she said that the foxes were not known to attack people or dogs on the trail; it was likely curious. Well, the feeling was mutual! I’ll blog again soon about the Medicine Wheel that we visited, a sacred Native American site.

red fox
This fox has a beautiful view!




  1. Great pictures. He does look seriously underfed and when an animal is so hungry they may depart from the usual expected behavior. Where he is providing the dental opportunity, his teeth look good and healthy like he is a young adult. I found the picture of the fox on the mountain top with the background of all those mountains. Did you notice that the way the hills came together it looked like God had just folded his hands with the fingers laced between each other. What a lovely creation….and the fox called this Home. I believe that picture should be framed and hung in your study to always be a nice reminder of how God created with purpose, form and function. He was such a wonderful artist!

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