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Flavor and Comfort in Every Cup

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teapot, tea cup, cuppa
A cup of Golden Himalayan tea

I was raised drinking tea, and coffee is out of the question for me; I don’t like the smell and just can’t make myself drink it. I’m happy with tea, but, well, I’d found myself getting bored. Eating is complicated and dull sometimes with food restrictions like mine, and I wanted more variety in my life. (As an Amazon Associate, this blog earns a small fee for any purchase made from the Amazon links in this site, at no additional cost to you. I only present products that I enjoy in my home, and I appreciate your support of this blog.)

tea sachet
Tea sachets holds bits of leaves, not tea dust like most tea bags.

A few years ago, I discovered all-organic Teatulia, and I’m loyal to their wonderful tea, buying in bulk. But I quickly found myself in a rut, drinking the same hot tea in the morning and the same  iced black tea the rest of the day. I would like to include other flavors, but organic black tea doesn’t often come that way. I enjoyed the way that Teatulia used sachets (little mesh pyramid pouches) that held real bits of tea leaves, rather than tea bags, which always seemed to hold tea dust. But I wanted more variety, and my previously favorite flavors and brands were not organic.

loose-leaf tea
This Himalayan Gold black tea gets me moving in the morning!

I’ve tried some plastic French presses made for loose-leaf tea and have been sorely disappointed. By the time the tea steeped , it has cooled significantly. And there were lots of tea bits in the drink. Yuk! I have probably six or eight different types of infusers stashed in my kitchen drawers, but they also left bits of tea leaves in my drink. I kept looking.

coffee press
The Espro 18oz press. It also comes in 32 oz.

A couple of months ago, I discovered the Espro coffee press on a camping blog that said it was the highest rated by their readers. Hmmm. I don’t drink coffee, but my husband does, so I took a peak. It had great filtration, stainless steel walls to insulate the beverage, and it rated five stars out of five. We bought one and he loved it; I wondered if I could also use it for tea. Since the stainless steel doesn’t absorb any taste and can go in the dishwasher, we could actually use it for both beverages.

coffee press filter for tea
This tea filter can be used instead of the larger coffee filter.

I worried about flavor transferring through the filter until I found that I could get another, smaller filter for tea. Since tea leaf bits are larger than coffee grounds, it can get the same clear tea with a slightly smaller filter.  Now we have two filters: the one that came with it for coffee and the one I bought for tea. Win/win!

travel mug
I love these because they don’t spill in my messenger or tote bags.

I normally use a Contigo locking travel mug, but now that I’m hooked on Espro, I’m considering a travel version to use when I don’t have time to sit a few minutes for it to brew.

travel mug/press
Espro travel mug/press

Unfortunately, time is often an short when I’m going to work in the morning….

looseleaf tea
These teas smelled delicious: Assam Mangalam, Cinnamon Orange Spice, and Monk’s blend.

I went to an InTea store across town to buy some organic loose-leaf tea. They store it in large canisters and let me sniff the different flavors so that I could decide which ones I like! It was a sensual and exciting experience to pick out a few flavors to buy. I bought several different Assam and Pu’erh varieties and several flavored teas: peach, blood orange, and cinnamon were some of my first choices.

tea leaves
Carmel pear rooibos

I saw a Carmel Pear tea that smelled great, but it was Rooibos. The scent pulled me in, and I bought it. The taste is delicious — who would have guessed? I even found some tempting herbal teas that smelled good, and I stashed away a few varieties to try on winter evenings. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the tea and love the way it looks like real tea leaves, not tea dust.

green tea leaves
Lime blossom green tea

So now, I have several comfort drinks for home. Soon, I’ll try using the Espro to use loose leaf tea to make iced tea; Right now, I’m using up my Teatulia stash. Although meals can be a challenge, I have a comforting beverage to enjoy. Full flavor and comfort abide in every sip. Take that, food restrictions – you’re not the boss of me!

peach black tea
Sunshine peach black tea

Suggested teas:

Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea

Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Assam

Ahmad Tea Black Cardamom

Tealyra – Gen Mai Cha Supreme (Genmaicha Green Tea with Brown Roasted Rice)


  1. If I’m ever having the same tea over and over, I’ll mix and match and have a lot of fun with that! Plus I’ll make teas for health like if I have a sore throat I’ll mix green tea with ginger peach honey and bay leaf! Great post

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There have been several brands and flavors that I can’t get any more, I missed them. By getting some of the loose leaf blends, tea is finally getting interesting again!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I was raised on Red Rose tea which was delicious many years ago. Now it smells fishy to me. REALLY stinky! It even tastes fishy to me. Tetley is mild yet flavorful….I miss the flavored teas but I have to keep things simple with the Reflux!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, take THAT food allergies! I think my husband, with the same issues, says that a lot as he valiantly continues to find new foods and ways to eat them that don’t adversely affect his body. I’m glad you have the pleasure of these wonderful teas.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We have a great grape harvest coming up soon, but I don’t think we’ll be making wine this year, although I have in the past. Sorry, Kismet, no winemaking here, with our without the French press. Ha, ha!


    1. Ha, ha! I’m not sure that will be my next step. I don’t like herbal teas like chamomile, etc.; they just taste like weeds! I’ll leave that for folks who are sturdier than me and have a more advanced palate!

      Liked by 1 person

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