ripe grapes

My Week in Pictures 10-18-18

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Who could resist these faces? Wondering where I’m going as I leave for work: Tribble, River, and Jazz.

The seasons were briskly changing from quite hot to a hard freeze in one week. I had to bring in all my garden. What wasn’t ripe would have to sit on the window sill to finish.

tomatillos, tomatoes

tomatillos and tomatoes
ripe grapes

I harvested a bushel of grapes, which I gave to a neighbor who puts up jam and wine vinegar.
Basil, tomatillos, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes

Fresh basil lays beside a portion of my tomatillo, jalapeno, and tomato harvest.
jalapenos, tomatillos

tomatillos and jalapenos gathered to make salsa verde
dog, poodle, dog in a shirt

Jazz has been wearing t-shirts to be sure he didn’t lick his scar after surgery a few weeks ago. It’s looking good now, so he doesn’t have to wear the shirt any more! He’s feeling much better, now, which is quite a relief.


        1. Oh, wow. What a waste to only use them in decorations. They are popular in Mexican and Southwestern American food. They are likely hard to find where you live.😔


  1. Now that Jazz is used to wearing the shirts, leave them on every day. They will add a much to his comfort now that cold weather is here. Older people/animals get cold easier than younger ones. He is looking so much better than he has in a long time.
    What a precious family. Where was Garnet?

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    1. Garnet was in the easy chair, her favorite place. Jazz has a very light fleece that he Wears around the house when it’s cold. Light but warm. He wore it last week! You’re right. He gets cold easily.


  2. Love the photo of the dogs! We had frost last night. We went from 15 degrees above normal a week ago to 15 degrees below in 36 hours. I pulled our tomatoes at the end of September because we had a lot of wilt and they weren’t doing so well. Pulled the worn out basil over the weekend but our parsley is still doing great.

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    1. I have tried to grow parsley here, but as soon as it gets really hot (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit) it just wilts alway. It’s too hot, here. The cilantro loved the heat had almost immediately bolted to seed. I’m just beginning to understand what will really do well here. The cilantro didn’t grow very well last year, but produced very well this year.🤷🏻‍♀️

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