What the duck?

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River — “That’s right. This duck is mine. All mine.”

River received the duck as a gift for her second birthday. All the other dogs like to borrow her for a snuggle now and then, whenever River’s not looking!  

Garnet –“I’ve got you now, Ducky! You’ll like it here in my donut-bed-love-shack.”

Tribble – “Look, Mommy! I’ve got the duck and I’m not giving it back!” (tail wagging)
River – “Oh, Ducky, no one can love you like I can!”

Jazz – “I’ve got a secret, Ducky. Would you like to hear?”
Garnet’s stolen moment with Ducky.

Don’t tell Ducky, but River has been cheating on Ducky with her chicken (left).
Nami – “I don’t need no stinking duck!”


    1. Other toys have been ravished, but Ducky has been cherished whole. He still squeaks! It’s wonderful that there is no fighting over the little bugger. It’s more like a quiet game to see who can snatch it when River isn’t looking!

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  1. I’m getting some huge smiles out of this tonight! My big girl Flowie has a duck too, but it’s more of a nylon, camo type toy that she plays with rather than snuggles with. Her jealous sister, a pit bull, is always looking to steal it and tryin to tear it limb from limb though lol. I’m not sure how much longer the duck will last at this rate. It was doing so good, too.

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  2. Now that is one comfy cat!! We have three of those ducks. We started with one, and it was a favorite of our beagle Cricket’s. Now that she’s gone, I haven’t had the heart to throw it out…..it’s completely de-stuffed but still sits in Luke’s crate. I got him two new ones – a green and a yellow, and he has mostly de-stuffed both of them! So there’s three dead ducks in his crate now. LOL

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    1. I bought the duck after read your recommendation, and it was clearly a popular choice! They come in green, too? I think I see another gift duck coming soon!


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