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Books for Defining Our Reality

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Books have always been a driving force in my life. I got my first library card at age 3 and have been going to the library ever since. While I was in law school, I had no time for pleasure reading, but I discovered audiobooks to listen to as I commuted to work and school. They certainly saved my sanity.

As I grew up, what I read changed from biographies, Nancy Drew, and history books to mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction. Now, most of my reading has a metaphysical and spiritual theme. I still squeeze in some science fiction and fantasy, primarily through audiobooks.

Starswarm; audiobook
I read this on Audible. I’ve never gone wrong with a Jerry Pournelle book.

I had read just about all the audiobooks that appealed to me at my local library and was branching out to books I didn’t really like. Frankly, a dry non-fiction book is likely to make me drowsy when driving, so it isn’t a good choice. Resolved to find better books, I’ve subscribed to Audible for almost two years, and it is so exciting! I’m enjoying a large selection of books I like – it is such a joy! I live in a large city, and driving can take a chunk of time; listening to my audiobook keeps me from focusing on beating out the other drivers so that I just go with the flow. I might take a little longer to get there, but I’m safer, and it means that I’m further along in my story. Now, I’ve begun listening to Audible on my cell phone as I fold laundry, chop vegetables, or other dull tasks at home. I don’t seem to mind them as much that way.

dog and books
Dogs and books are a great combination. Tribble is wagging her tail so hard that it’s just a blur!

I have quite a large metaphysical/spiritual library, and I three years ago, I founded a book club to discuss these kinds of books with like-minded friends. I’m frequently asked for book recommendations by clients with specific questions that I see in my part-time side business. To address it, my business website was beginning to fill with book reviews, making the actual business harder to see. That won’t do! I’ve moved the reviews to a new blog I started that is devoted to book reviews of metaphysical, spiritual (but not religious), and psychic topics. And because, like many on a metaphysical path, I find my body has developed new requirements; I eat a gluten-free, vegan diet. I’ve collected quite a few cookbooks to help me along, so I’ve added them to the mix, too.

Animal Communication: Our Sacred Connection, Jacquelin Smith

My new website is, and it’s just a baby! I’ve moved book reviews from my business site to it and imported the few that I published on PeaceWithMyLife, to give it a bit of a head start. I’ve got several reviews bubbling in my mind to add in the next week or so, too.

The Soul of Money
An interesting and useful read.

I don’t want to lose my blogging community here at PeaceWithMyLife, and I’m aware that many here would not be interested in the new site. That’s why I’ve developed a separate site rather than mixing the content here. If you are like-minded, I would be pleased for you to drop in at Give me a “Follow” if you’re so inclined, to get the site going. I’d love to see you join in the discussions. If it’s not your thing, don’t worry; we’re still blogging friends, and I’m still here!

books on a shelf


  1. I’m a speed reader (or was) and always said if I had nothing else in old age, as long as I was near a library I’d be happy. I used to read 8-9 books per week – many Buddhist philosophy or other spiritual – Mind/Body/Spirit.

    But in May 2010 I had to change back to thick glasses (from 40 years of contact lenses) due to blepharitis and a dry eye condition and have a lot of trouble reading now – even on the large computer screen with the font enlarged 3-4 times, so finally, in enforced retirement due to chronic ill health and pain, my bookshelf has changed from about 700 to about 150. I prefer silence and low light too (as I am sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds as well as having MCS – multiple chemical sensitivity).

    I generally follow a gluten, grain, dairy, egg white, legume free diet due to allergies or food intolerance (which is getting worse) – you may be interested in Tania Hubbard’s website and recipes at I can tolerate black beans and chick peas (I make or buy humus regularly) I’ve just bought Tania’s book Abundance but have only made one recipe so far. I need to replenish my pantry as I’ve run out of all my non grain flours at the moment.

    I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but rarely eat meat as I seem to have lost the taste for beef….. and chicken……… depending on the place of purchase – can give me tachycardia and spikes in high BP 4-5 hours after consumption. Commonly called a ‘Histamine shed’. I think all the grains, antibiotics and growth hormones fed to chickens are my problem – well that’s my theory. Besides meat is so expensive living on a frugal Disability Pension as I do. On the other hand, all the nuts and seeds I eat are not cheap either.

    Good luck with the new website. I’ve followed, but may not be able to read long posts or book reviews. I’ll wait and see what your blog content is like 🙂

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    1. I try to keep my blogs fairly short, not counting the photos. I appreciate the follow! Do you listen to audiobooks? I would think that it would be feasible even with some vision impairment. Most libraries carry the books on CDs, and some carry them electronically, for download to your device! There’s nothing wrong with silence, though. I’ve really had to expand my cookbook collection to deal with my body’s shift in food preference. I’ll check out the website you mentioned; thanks for the recommendation!


      1. I don’t have any devices, other than my desktop computer and I doubt I could listen to audiobooks for long anyway, what with preferring silence (to be honest).

        It’s hard to find cookery websites that don’t include dairy & gluten (or even potato starch and some of the other things I’m intolerant to, except Paleo (which I used to follow 9 years ago). If you come across any good ones yourself, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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  2. Granny just has found out about audio-books and she loves it. She already has to read so much, that she dicided to try this and she feels really relaxed with it. Like you she listens when she’s busy with the household…never thought she could multitask like this…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞

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    1. Welcome aboard! I love the audiobooks even more now that I have a bigger selection and I don’t have to lug them around and look for a CD player. It is a way to have a little fun while I work or drive!


  3. Thanks for following my blog. I followed you back because you seem to have some interesting posts. I have been listening to audiobooks for years in the car. I only listen to the radio when my wife is with me. Mostly I listen to nonfiction because I like learning things. My current book is called Moonshot. It’s about the early space program. Every now and then I do listen to fiction for a little entertainment.


  4. Wonderful! I LOVE books and I love metaphysical books. Next on my metaphysical ‘to read’ list will be a good book about the chakra system and also the kundalini process. Let me know if you have any good suggestions. I’ll pop over and follow your new site, for sure. 🙂💕

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    1. I’ve experienced Kundalini many times and it is still a bit of a mystery! I have yet to find a book that does it justice. I have a number of chakra books that I haven’t looked at in many years. I’ll see if I have anything fairly new.

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  5. Meow meow Miss Karel LadyMew reedss a book a week or sumtimess it takes 2 weeks. Shee iss inn to murder mystereess an seereuss bookss.
    Rite now shee iss reedin “Gjost Radio” bye a Leopoldo Gout an it iss furry creepy an kewl…like an earlee Msitur Stephen King…..
    Mee will meow to her to check out yore booky site!!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee s: Mee has taken 2 booky Selfiess since mee came to live here….bookss are furry kewl!

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      1. My husband pointed out that I was missing that too! How embarassing. It’s there now, and I’d love for you to stop by again.


    1. I read a lot of books through Audible and physical books. The vast majority are “woo-woo” books but I also like some good non-fiction books and novels. So I guess I get around! I’m glad that you enjoy reading, too!


    1. Oh Kismet! How are you marketing that? Since I hear enough of that at home, I don’t think I’m in the market for a book like that!


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