It’s Getting Lush Around Here!

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Our ripening apples are awfully small!

We seem to be always living on the cusp of – or in the midst of – drought, until this year. We had far-above average snows this winter and the spring rain has been unexpectedly plentiful. Rather than the usual harsh temperatures, the weather has been quite moderate.

The white currants are getting sweeter.

We’re a bit confused here in Colorado, but we are enjoying the unexpected wetness this year. My garden has been happily drinking in all the moisture and producing lovely lush plants and fruit.

I’m not sure what kind of flowers these are; they were here when we bought the house. But they are blossoming even more this year and we are loving it!

It’s such a delight compared to the usually harsh heat. The baby fruits I published a few weeks ago are maturing now.

The cilantro bolted to seed, but I don’t mind. The bees seem to love it!

As for me, some new ideas were planted this spring. They began as tiny seeds and they are growing in fits and starts. I think the garden will be ready before my ideas are. That’s okay, there’s no rush!

The cherries are ripening. Just when I think they are about to be ripe, the birds will harvest them. They always seem to be a step ahead.


  1. Mee-yow those purpell flowerss are gorgeeus Miss Karel….
    So much color an variety inn yore garden! Ourss iss sorta wild an furry untmaed an all THE heet iss not helpin eether!
    Hope yore weather iss kewler than ourss…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Ooooh, thank you! Now that I know what they are, I can check to be sure they aren’t toxic to our pets! I haven’t seen our dogs try to eat them before, but they are usually unappetizing sticks with leaves. I’ve not seen the flowers this vibrant before!

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        1. Since the dogs have never eaten them, I suspect that they are safe too. A coworker told me about researching every plant in her new home’s back yard to be sure it is safe. We moved in to our home years ago and never gave it a second thought. It made me feel like a bad pet mom (Groan).

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  2. Beautiful garden pics, thanks for sharing. Abundance! Everything is so flourescent green here in the mountains – doesn’t look like the Rockies, and I’m seeing flowers and plants that haven’t shown themselves in 15 years!

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    1. Right? All my family that lives in the Deep South can’t understand how unusual this is and how special it feels. They get it every year, but in the Rockies, this is unusual. I’m relishing it while it’s here! Grateful.


  3. Wonderful! We have been too wet this year and are having fungus issues with a lot of growing things. Others are totally out of control but it’s green and lush. Not complaining. Wonderful pictures!

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    1. I can’t imagine things being so wet that you’re growing fungus! Living in the west, we are used to everything being dry, so fungus seems unreal. I’m sorry that it’s an issue for you! I’m sure it’s quite green and lush for you. (Wistful)

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        1. Our roses went from one to dozens seemingly overnight. I have no idea what black spot is, but deer are not a problem here, at least. I’m sorry they put your garden at risk. I’m a rather poor and inexperienced gardener. I expect failure at every turn, so it’s a delight when something works out!

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