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Prowling Around, and Finding Gracie

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tuxedo cat
Tonka welcomed me to the Cat Care Society with purrs and leg rubs. His neckerchief means that he is to be approached with caution, but we hit it off immediately. If I thought that Nami would accept him, this older gentleman would have come home with me!

Much like a human partner, my pet and I will vacation together, support each other through health ups and downs, comfort and delight each other, and sleep together. So, although I could love and enjoy any pet – I have learned that it nonetheless pays off to find the right pet for me. For example, a dog that needed a 5-mile walk daily would be a rather difficult fit for me.

gray kittens
These cuties, Adam and Sally, were napping together when they weren’t playing.

There are times that life presents a pet that’s more than a good companion; it’s more of a soul-sister or -brother. The pressure for me to find the perfect pet is silly, really, because they are all good. When my husband and I looked for a new cat, I was worried that I wouldn’t find THE ONE. Trying to keep the number of animals in our home to a reasonable number, I know that I can’t bring them ALL home– just one. Luckily, I think I found her.

gray kitten
This shy girl watched from the corner behind some toys.

It took two trips to the local Cat Care Society to recognize my soul-sister. She was shy, hiding in the corner while all the other cats cavorted and purred around us. I eventually invited her out of the corner to get to know us, assuring her that we could see her wonderfulnes. She tentatively walked toward us and soon let her light shine. She wanted to play, but she also offered cuddles and purrs to both my husband and me. We were smitten.

gray kitten
She loves to play, but knows when it’s time to stop and snuggle!

Once home, she was tentative and scared of every movement and sound. We gave her a haven safe from the others, in my husband’s home office with the door closed. The dogs were too terrifying for her at first. We worked up to opening the door part-way, allowing the cat and dogs to sniff each other through a baby gate. Now, I’m mixing some of them in the same room under close supervision for a short time each day. She is less frightened each passing day, and she’s getting closer to the day when she can roam the  house with confidence. Our dogs are sweet and won’t harass her, although River will offer to play. It will take a little time before she can see that.

gray kitten
Gracie shows her lithe figure, here, and her subtle dark-gray striping.

The parrots have objected loudly and strenuously to having a new cat in the house, which has been a bit painful. Nami, on the other hand, has enjoyed playing with the new kitty’s toys, as if she was a youngster too!

Cat and jade plants
Gracie loves the jade plants in the office window.

In the meantime, our new family member has shown us her true nature. She’s sensitive, affectionate, and in tune with my husband and me in a wonderful way. Her purrs are powerful and delightful! I’d like to introduce our new family member: Gracie.

gray kitten


    1. We have a Goffin’s Cockatoo, Green-cheeked Amazon, and a Cockatiel. We had also rescued an African Grey, but after 8 years, she died of the fatty liver disease that she had when we adopted her. They are very different from cats and dogs. They can be very, very loud when unhappy, happy, or excited. Or just because sunrise or sunset. I hope you don’t have a baby……

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  1. Gracie is beautiful!! Congratulations on adding her to your family. I think you are wise to be particular when choosing your pets; a good fit is important to keep everyone happy. When we adopted our cat Conrad, we held every cat in the shelter – 15 or so – and he was the last one. But when he snuggled into my husband’s arms, we just knew he was the one (he was also shy, and hung back, which is why he was the last one we saw).

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    1. Gracie also hung back. I had to coax her out, so I think she knew that we truly saw her and she could let her inner light shine. I’ve loved many pets that weren’t the perfect match. There is still love, but less depth somehow. I’m relieved to find someone like-minded.


  2. Congratulations to you on finding a new soul mate. I have no doubt that Gracie will adapt to the others in the family, and they will also (not sure about the birds, no experience there). She really is beautiful. Looking forward to reading more.


  3. Well come hom eGracie girl!! You are a reel beeutee an oh so sweet! Do not wurry ’bout THE doggiess; they are nice. An Nami cat iss lovelee too! THE birdiess are a bit noisy butt will not hert you.
    Miss Karel this iss furry xcitin! Concatualtions to you an yore Mistur an Gracie…. ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. I hope she hasn’t been abused, that she’s just shy, but I don’t know. The Cat Care Society received her as a transfer from another shelter, so I don’t have any back-story. She was up for adoption with her brother and sister, though, so it looks like a litter was either abandoned or relinquished to the shelter. Sad beginning, but we hope our home will make it a distant memory!


      1. Kali was “adopted” and turned back in 2 days because she was “too wild”. We got her and she was a handful until she realized that she wasn’t going to get kicked around any more. It would be hard to find a more loving dog.


  4. OMG! She looks a lot like my girl Gracie! (Except my cat is missing an eye.) Same face shape and it sounds like a similar disposition. I have another gray cat (Morgan) but she looks more like a Russian blue with a shorter snout. Welcome Gracie!


    1. Sorry to pinch your cat’s name, but it seemed to fit her quiet, affectionate personality so perfectly! She does appear to be a Russian blue mix of some kind. That makes me happy, because I don’t want to spend a couple of thousand dollars to get that awesome coloring, and we were able to give a rescue cat a home.

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  5. What a wonderful thing to find a cat who’s truly connected and open to your advances. I’m sure she’ll be a grand companion once she’s in tune with the other pets in your home.


    1. Yes! The deep connection is what I’m looking for, and she seems to be looking for that connection, too. The snuggles and purrs are given freely and now preferred by her as much (maybe more than) play. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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    1. She’s making progress daily! And yes, I think she’s beautiful, too. Her fur feels healthy and I love the subtle coloration. Plus, you can never go wrong with green eyes! (Mine are green, too.)

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    1. We feel very lucky to find the perfect-fit cat! And yes, I think (hope) that she will walk among the dogs without fear, soon enough. The dogs are eagerly awaiting her integration into the household so that I spend less time with her – away from them!

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