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Last Week in Pictures

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I’m sick this week and have no new pictures to display. Luckily, the week before was pretty good! The botanic garden is so peaceful at this time of year.

papaya tree
During Winter Break from college for my youngest son, I took a day off and we visited the botanic gardens. It’s a wonderfully warm place to visit mid-winter. This papaya tree was huge – and it didn’t even brush the ceiling.
purple orchids
Small spunky orchids
I was delighted by their fruit section. Here are baby limes.
small stone pagoda
The zen garden is lovely in all seasons.
Nami clearly says “MINE.”
black dog snuggling toy
Garnet is our smallest dog and takes the largest bed. As senior dog, this is her privilege. I thought she was cute, snuggling her toy.
apricot poodle
River, watching me work at home.
Bengal cat
Queen Nami is looking deceptively quiet here on the windowsill.


  1. So glad to hear you are on the mend. I had laptop problems for awhile and finally just got a new one. Not sure if you’ve seen my new addition, Cooper who is in my main pic now, he just turned 9 months this weekend. He’s a rescue so I have no idea his breed(s). Looks like a mini golden retriever sorta. Love these pics of your animal fam as always, I get such a grin from them and a glow.

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    1. A new puppy? How fun! I see the book covers etc. but not Cooper when I visit. I’ll have to explore a bit to look for him. Life is better with a dog (and cat)!


  2. I just love your kitty and woofie. Hoping you are feeling better! Thanks for the sunshine photos, it’s so cold here they helped warm me a bit. Dakota cuddles with his stuffies lately and he is a senior. Must bring them some sort of comfort.

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    1. I think the dolls they carry around are so cute! Seldom an empty mouth. I’m happy to share our sunshine. After an abnormally cold and snowy fall, we’ve had a bit of a false spring. Soon, we’ll be back in the snow. In the meantime, the cats are loving the sunbeams!


    1. Thanks. I’m on the return trip to health finally. The botanic gardens isn’t a high-adrenaline place to go, but it is full of peace. Just my style!


  3. Meow meow Miss Karel pleese get well soon! Mee senss POTP an LadyMew sendss purrayerss of healin to you.
    River yore lookin gorgeeuss an Garnet yore adoorabell wtih yore stuffie! an Queen Nami yore lovelee too. Pleese watch over yore Moewy an THE doggiess for her OKay??
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Yes, this one came to our home compliments of my husband. Now our son and I are both sick. They are are handling it much better, as their immune systems are better.


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