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Morning Check – Do you have the Love?

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fluffy dog
Mom? Heelloo! Are you in there?

These are trying times, so I’m relieved to have Tribble at home to provide therapy every morning. I’m not a fan of mornings; I’m what you would call a “slow start, strong finish” kind of person. So, mornings are tough for me. I normally spend a few minutes sitting on a footstool in our master bathroom with my cell phone, checking emails that have come in while I slept, reading blogs, or reviewing the morning’s headlines. Tribble will give me a few minutes of this, and then she will make noises to get my attention. It may be a low growl or a short bark, but often it is her energy that makes me stop my reading and look at her.

gold dog
Pay attention to me! Have you forgotten? Where’s the love?

That’s when the beaming begins in earnest. She looks intently at me, clearly intending to capture and keep my attention. Within seconds, I feel it. There is a sensation in my chest. Yup, my heart is opening. She’s beaming love straight at me, and my heart responds. She doesn’t want me to forget that love is the right way to start the day, not news.

scruffy dog
Feel the love – coming at you!

Thank you, Tribble, I’ve taken note. Without Tribble to remind me what’s important, I might go into the world closed to all the goodness awaiting me. Or I could get to work thinking of myself and no one else, and that isn’t good for any of us. I need you more than you will ever know, good girl, Tribble!


  1. Tribble You are a spreader of love girl! She reminded me so much of my Smithfield the close up of her face and nose. Though they are nothing alike but just for a moment it could almost have been Toby..

    Dogs are like that. My two remind me every so often they are really what life is about and I they need to give me more love and i them. great comfort and joy

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