Is My Dog Telepathic?

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River was already a big girl when we first got her.

Most of us have moments when our dogs seemingly react to our thoughts. A friend of mine says his dog always heads to the leash before he said it was time for a walk. I have no doubt that the dog is looking for cues like the time of day, the friend putting on his shoes, etc. My late poodle, Jazz, got super excited any time I put on my shoes because he just knew something fun would happen; I sure wished he’d been right! But there are other times when something happens that mystifies us. Do our dogs read our thoughts?

I’m sorry I’m too big to jump on you, Mom.

We could totally have a metaphysical discussion about this, and I would enjoy it, but instead, I want to provide an example that happened with River. She was five months old when we brought her to live with us, and as a standard poodle, she is tall when she stands on her hind legs. I’m barely 5 feet tall, and if she weren’t already taller than me, she soon would be. My husband was adamant that we shouldn’t allow her to jump on us, as she could easily push me over, and it’s bad manners. But for weeks, whenever I came home, River had a barking, squealing dog party, and she couldn’t resist her urge to jump up on me.

You mean there’s a way I can greet you without knocking you over? Standing up?

I turned to the internet for assistance. I found a YouTube video for dogs that jumped on people and watched in fascination. The video described training your dog so that rather than jumping on you placing their weight on you, they stand independently on their hind legs and stand face-to-face with you with their paws gently on your shoulders, a bit like you were going to slow-dance together. I watched this video alone with headphones on, and I didn’t take any of its suggestions. I disregarded the video as my husband said it was a stupid idea, and we shouldn’t let River do that; it was just as bad as jumping on me.

I’m sensitive enough that I can read all your thoughts, Mom. I don’t understand the work ones, but I understand all the love.

The next day, I came home from work, and River got excited. Before I knew it, she approached me, stood on her hind legs, put her front paws lightly on my shoulders, looked into my eyes, and licked my face. Where did she learn that? How did she know that was an option? She’d never tried that before, and although I watched the video, she didn’t watch it with me or listen to it. How did she know this might be an acceptable alternative? More than all her other tricks, this one made me wonder if she tuned into my thoughts. Have your dogs demonstrated the same ability? I’d love to hear your stories!

I just want to give you hugs, Mom.


  1. I’ve no doubt that dogs are telepathic. They may have a different word for it in dog language, but for us humans telepathic describes their behavior perfectly. Also, great photos. Such a sweet dog.

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  2. Mee-yow wow wee think River iss tellypathick fore sure Miss Karel!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    Hello Karel I too had an experience with my Shepherd/Husky cross Bogart Sam. He could somehow anticipate walkies & we never went the same times during the day. I’d spontaneously decide to take him for a walk (but I showed no intent to do that) &Bogart sam would go jingle his chain lead hanging from the nail in door post… he never ceased to amaze me. Thanks for a good blog!
    ((hugss)) Sherri-Ellen

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  3. Dogs (and other pets?) are well known to have a connection with their owners and if you’ve read about them lying by your side when you are ill AND/OR keeping the elderly company and anticipating their needs, you could be excused for thinking they are telepathic.

    The connection between my younger brother and his dog is absolutely extraordinary to see.

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  4. I’m sitting here before work, fighting back the tears. Yes, she got it from your connection, even then. She must be your heart dog.
    My Lexi was the same way. I kept thinking I was giving off some kind of signal she could read come bath time, because, no matter how I tried to hide it, she always knew. Then I tried something that made me understand.
    We were going to go somewhere fun in two days. I got her attention, and visualized the sun setting and rising, setting and rising. On the morining of the second day, Lexi was over the moon excited and running to the door. She knew. We continued with that connection the rest of her life.

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    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure they tune in, but they are limited in their ability to discuss. Of course the dog that follows me around all day is never around when the groomer arrives or it’s time to go to the vet. I’m glad that you have had the same experience- I knew you would understand!

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