The Catwalk

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Gray cat on shelf
C’mon, mom. It’s time to stop working for the day!

My husband had fixed up what had once been our spare bedroom as a home office, and once the pandemic hit and we were both working full-time from home, gave it over to me. He had another desk and computer with two large monitors in another area that he could use, so I accepted his offer. After all, my new workspace came with two huge monitors, an adjustable-height desk, and a door. Many of my work conversations are confidential, so the door is critical.

Cat on catwalk
Nami scampered up the shelves and is prancing across the catwalk, as if it was the coolest and safest thing ever!

The dogs hang out in the office with me all day, and Nami comes to visit a lot. Gracie visits, but it was clear that she didn’t like being at floor-level with the dogs. The dogs sometimes get a bit territorial and give her the eye, but that’s as far as it goes. As a sensitive youngster, she seems to be a bit intimidated. When Gracie jumped on top of the door to look around, I knew she was looking for options. My husband agreed to a little woodworking magic to give the cats a way to get around the room without having to walk past the dogs. The room was sorely lacking in décor, so he had a blank canvas at his disposal.

Bengal on a catwalk
Crossing the catwalk to the other side of the room. She’s showing off her spots!

Now, three walls of the room have cat shelves on them. A daring little catwalk joins two areas so that the cats get to have a little fun. These have been up for just a couple of weeks, and the cats are slowly getting used to them. They try going up and down from different start/endpoints and walking around the room. They seem to be enjoying it, and I enjoy having them with me.

Gray cat on high shelf
The catwalk ended in a shelf over the closet. Gracie is sitting at the end of the closet shelf, looking at her options to go down aa shelf or two and either down to my desk or over to the bookcase.
leaping cat
After crossing over the closet to the third wall of the room, Nami opts to jump down to my computer desk. She has a little bed tucked behind my monitor. She’s pretty athletic for a 16-year-old!
Gray cat leaping
On the wall behind and above my desk, a shelf could lead the cat down to my desk, or up to the bookshelf. Gracie is checking out the bookcase! Sorry for the blurry action shot.


    1. We just want the cats to feel safe and secure despite having dogs in the house. They seem to like the shelves and walkways even when the dogs aren’t around!


  1. YEAH>>someone in here tried that tactic & they got evicted for using Pepper Spray. I have written a note to Custodian & left Property Manager a message asking to speak w/ her some time this week.
    I will protect myself with dignity. Not going down to others’ level; know what I mean?
    But thanks for a good LOL 🙂

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          1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Karel. No one from Housing has returned my calls. No biggie. I’ve done all I can do. I just stay out of the hallway & use side entrance/exit & speak to no one. I will NOT be intimidated out of my home! 😉

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  2. Mee-yow wow Nami iss 16 yeerss old Miss Karel?? Shee jumpss like a young kitty girl. Gracie sure movess fast; all most too fast fore THE cammyra! Mew mew mew….
    Youre Mistur iss FURRY tallented makin an inn-stallin those shelfss! They are pawtastick!
    Yore THE bestest!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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      1. Mee-yow Miss Karel THE dramah nevurr seemss to stop…so LadyMew an mee on THE “Dee El” stayin inn our apartment. Wee sit out aftur 4 Pee Em an no one iss here to bother us. THE place iss a Circuss…CATFISH!
        Thanx fore carin Miss Karel…yore furry kind too.
        **purrss** BellaDharma

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          1. Many thanks for your worry & concern. My actual face 2 face friends laugh when I share what is going on. I;ve been threatened by the man across hallway. He is NOT a physical threat. I am just tired of being a target. So I stay inside unless absolutely necessary to go out.
            I only sit out with BellaDharma when no one is around. I stopped talking to the troublemakers in here so they have banded together against me. However Property Supervisor saw threatening note so he knows I am a target.
            I just have to be vigilant Karel…I am good at ‘vigilant’!!
            (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
            P.S.: Time to fire up the Smudge Bowl for sure! 😉

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    1. Not really. These photos were taken over a couple of weeks, and some were in the evening after work was over. They have been using the shelves to get to another prime location (top of the bookcase or the cat bed on my desk) so their time on the catwalk, etc. is fleeting. I’m hoping as time goes on it will become just part of everyday life.


    1. I don’t know if the dogs are jealous or not. They seem satisfied with the dog beds; they are confident that they rule the roost. That’s why the cats needs a little boost (literally and figuratively)!


    1. What a shame. The dogs are so easy. There are several beds to choose from and they seem to trade them around. But they have a real feeling of ownership that seems to exclude Gracie, our new cat. I had to find a way for her to feel comfortable.

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    1. Our 3 parrots are going strong! The cockatoo was in the office with me this morning, hanging out on my shoulder. He doesn’t need such fancy stuff. And his beak marks are seen throughout the house with his own “customization.”


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