Wardrobe Therapy!

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black dog in her bed
I’m always comfy Mom. You should go natural like me!

Working remotely full time during the pandemic has been an easy transition. I worked remotely a two days a week before the pandemic, so I had a workspace set up, large dual monitors (critical for my failing eyesight), and a routine. Full-time remote work didn’t seem like it would be a big change.

Gracie has temporary custody of the cat bed on my desk; Nami waits not-so-patiently for her turn.

I was wrong in one huge respect – comfortable clothes all the time. Dressing professionally is a thing of the past, and I love it. I dislike synthetic fabrics, but I often wore them conform to the office dress code at work. It was hard to find the right clothing in natural fibers. Silk and wool are too hard to clean and too expensive to buy. Cotton is my preference, and now, it’s all cotton all the time! I don’t have to wear button pants if I don’t want them. Yay! My office is north-facing and chillier than the rest of the house, so I have cotton sweaters that go over my cotton long- or short-sleeved t-shirts. What a difference it makes for my body to be comfortable all the time. I still have my body aches and pains when I do too much or too little, but wearing clothes compatible with my body has been a big boon.

Do you want to talk color? I wear whatever colors I want! Vibrant fuchsia, hot pink, mint green, bright turquoise – whatever supports my mood is okay. Most of my short-sleeved t-shirts have pictures of dogs or cats on them, and they keep my spirit up all day in a way that demure professional clothes don’t do. And do I need to say the obvious? It doesn’t matter if things don’t match so much. Matchy-matchy is out!

A Bengal cat (tan with black spots) lays in a window. She is looking surly with a smirk and a wink.
Nami is laughing at me; I don’t think she appreciates my style!

Do you want to talk about my feet? I can wear shoes that keep my body aligned and my feet happy. No more counting the minutes until I can take off the shoes/boots that looked good and felt fine for the test walk in the store, but didn’t feel so great in the long haul.

Underwire bras were the next to go, and wireless bras were in. Many women say they go braless during the pandemic, but that’s uncomfortable for me and not the best idea around clawed creatures, if you know what I mean. Still, I appreciate the change as part of my pandemic look. Ahhh.

Apricot standard poodle sits upright on a fake fur bed.
River loves to use her long front legs to get attention, placing her clawed feet on my chest. It can be dangerous if she gets careless. I often warn her they should be registered weapons!

Part of my pandemic philosophy has been to find what is good about this thing. So, I admit I love my pandemic wardrobe. My body gives it two thumbs up, and I wonder how I’ll ever convince myself to wear professional clothes once we return to the office. People at the grocery store wearing their pajama bottoms don’t scandalize me anymore; I’m just wondering what it will take before I do that too! Am I the only one out there enjoying a little wardrobe therapy these days?


  1. Yes hasn’t it been great being able to just fall into comfy clothes in front of the computer, depending on the meeting I sometimes just turn the camera off so no one can see me in my scruffy much loved t shirts. There is much to be said for working from home.

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    1. It has been very restorative to work at home. I get more sleep, I have no commute, and the pacing is more natural. The comfy clothes are a wonderful bonus!


  2. Where I live, we are all retired. Street clothes are the code for going to the lobby or common areas. But, maintenance department does not give you a definite time to appear at your door for routine equipment checks. So, I think every maintenance man has seen all my night gowns and pajamas when I answer the door. I act like I am dressed to the nines for work and they treat me that way. We ceased to be embarrassed. As long as the body is covered for decency, what difference does it make what is covering it. I once visited a lady I had never met in her home. She didn’t expect company. She answered the door wrapped in a sheet. All I could do was smile. At least she answered the doorbell!

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  3. Retirement has meant comfy clothes all day, every day around here. I don’t have much of a “dress up” wardrobe any more and even before the pandemic I didn’t have any meetings where a nice shirt and jeans wasn’t good enough. I do enjoy being more comfortable with what I wear around the house.

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  4. I like your “find what is good about this thing” philosophy. Yes, yes, yes. To all you said here. I am on Team Cotton and I dislike wearing uncomfortable shoes, so this stay at home all the time situation has been working in my favor.

    Funny aside: years ago a retired man told me his goal for being retired was to NOT eat his lunch while wearing his pajamas. I think of him on certain days when I may not quite live up to his standard.

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    1. Ha, ha! I still shower every morning and put on something clean. It is part of my wake-up-before-I-start-working plan. The shower is critical for me, otherwise I have even more difficulty waking up. But I understand the retirement dilemma. When I don’t have to be sharp in the morning, lunch in my pajamas just might happen!

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  5. I’ve been retired for a while but when I worked I always sought out clothes that were comfortable. I was subjected to long meetings that can make anyone rutch. One thing that was wonderful was when athletic clothes went mainstream. They aren’t all skin tight yoga pants. I have some that are full length (I know ankle is in but I’m not a fan of those) and straight leg. Some are nice, stretchy and good looking. I wear them now with a nice top if I have to dress up. Except for jeans, pants with buttons and zippers are gone from my wardrobe. Good for you for finding your perfect home style. Right now it’s either jeans (and I’ve found stretchy jeans!) or athletic pants with pretty sweatshirts or tees depending on the weather.


    1. It sounds like you’ve found the wardrobe sweet spot!! I’m too arthritic to wear high heels at work, but I have to avoid being too casual in the office. There is a dress code 😣. That’s probably why I feel so liberated now.

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      1. I hear you on the heels. At this point I don’t have any closed dress shoes. I tried to keep one pair on hand but they go out of style too quickly so if I get to go to something dressy (sometime in the distant future) I’ll buy a pair. In the meantime, I can use sandals. Other than that I wear sneakers 24/7. I walk a lot so it’s easier. Now my feet can’t tolerate much else.

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        1. My feet are the same way- too many high heels when I was young and now my feet want something comfortable with arch support. That’s what getting older has become — Comfortable shoes.

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  6. Good for you! Question: what about days you have to use Zoom or some other “you can see me” media? I have mostly office casual clothes, so I wear those tops with my jeans with a comfy bra or bra substitute while I work at home. I put on makeup the one day a week that we have our Team Meeting via Zoom. Our meeting got changed (after I was ready for work) to a different day this week, so they will just have to take me without makeup today…not putting it on again, LOL! One thing I know for sure…the dogs love me working from a home office every day and have their beds there for daytime naps and general lounging.

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    1. Working at home with my dogs, cats, and birds is the best! Luckily, my office doesn’t use video conferencing very much. When we do, the manager has made it clear that casual attire is fine and we have all taken her up on that. Maybe 1 in 3 of the women wear makeup for the video conferences, and I choose not to. I’m not a fan of makeup any more! I’m more circumspect when meeting with lawyers (outside our office) this way. Usually, none of the lawyers I meet with want the video anyway (thank goodness!) so it isn’t typically an issue. I imagine them all working remotely and casually, too. Some have admitted to a dog curled up on their desk or at their feet, so I suspect they are having a similar experience.

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        1. The cats and cockatoo are frequent visitors to my zoom sessions! The bird perched on my shoulder and watches the screen. He thinks he’s co-captain of the computer. My cat often parades past and then shows her tail rudely.

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          1. Nami is a master at it. When she’s feeing kindly, she’ll sit in my lap and whip her tail around my face. I do nothing to discourage her. A little cat distraction gets me though some otherwise boring meetings.

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  7. Well, it’s 10.45pm and I’m still in my tong t-shirt (aka pjs) and satin robe. I REALLY was going to shower at midday and get dressed, but since both my 2 changes of clothes are in the laundry basket – what the heck 😀

    Does that answer your question?

    Isn’t it wonderful to finally give in to the comfy clothes for all our aches and pains? I guess my hairdresser will be taken aback next Tuesday when I turn up with pink hair too.

    Finally after all those years of office work and stuffy colleagues, I am truly ME.

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