Writer’s Block

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I had thought that writer’s block would be all in my head. It turns out that cats can be quite literal sometimes.

A silhouette of a cat blocks the user from seeing their computer screen.

I’ve been away from the blog for several months, and I trust that no one missed me. It seems that most of the bloggers out there these days are just selling something, and fewer of the oldtimers who just want to be a part of the blogging community, sharing thoughts and feelings are diminishing. It makes me sad to see so many of my favorites go. Either that, or the WordPress Reader is gaming the system, and I just don’t see them anymore. I’m not sure. Maybe, like me, they are taking a bit of time off. I’ve been working hard and uninspired, but hopefully, things will begin to pick up again. Thank you for dropping by!


  1. WordPress and its so-called updates. As I get older I tend to prefer the old ways when things worked (me included!) So I’m so glad you popped in over at my blog. It sent me scurrying only to discover I needed to sign you back in for notifications. I’ve never warmed up to Reader. You’re someone I’ve missed.

    You may (or may not) have noted that I’ve been pretty slack at getting anything posted. The past several years have had us looking more inward or backward. Not to mention the problems that come with years advancing. Health problems while living in a tourist backwater that leads to hours on the road to get to competent medical care. Just last week it was over 4 hours round trip to get the Booster and flu shot.
    {I seem to be turning into a curmdugeon!} 🥴
    But you can’t beat that stupendous scenery once the folks who litter clear out.

    On the other hand, credit where credit is due, WP certainly created a rather splendid little community where folks could share thoughts and pictures and more. I’ve noticed other folks seem to be having difficulties. I’m happy to so you whenever you happen to pop in. I do have to confess to letting too many things pile up during the crazy busy times. So forgive me if I disappear at times as well…. 🙏


    1. I had become convinced that I wasn’t being notified of new posts on the blogs I follow. I kept seeing the same people and no one else in the Reader. Somehow, I ended upon the WP Subscription page and I could see everyone that I was following. Most of the blogs are no longer active, but I’ve found which ones are, like yours. I’m sorry that you are having health issues. I’m currently having some of that myself. Nothing serious, though. I took a blogging break for a few months and I hope to ramp up again. It’s hard to find inspiration when all I do is work!

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  2. You are right! WordPress is definitely not the same than it used to be. I’ve been lazy-ish as wellj with blogs. Rather talk when I have something to say. Maybe one of these days. I still prefer blogs and proper writing skills (with photos). Social media seems to make people stupid, duh! :o) How will they communicate in the future, when their vocabulary is non-existent? Intuitively? Wink, wink. See, I am selling something now… ha ha.

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    1. I’m sorry that you have also been affected. I want to connect, but feel like I have nothing to say. (Shrug) I need to just do it, I guess, even if it is just a photo. Thank you for reaching out; I knew you would understand.

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  3. I appreciate you still visiting my (our) blog. My “follow” on your blog dropped, but will try to get it back so I know when you begin writing again. It’s good to not feel like you “have to” write a post. I do wish things were a bit calmer around here with the 4 dogs, but there seems to always be something!

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  4. It does seem like too many are no longer blogging. Between technical issues which I’ve ranted about or other technology problems, one sometimes feels like a cat being pulled through a knothole. While pics are fun to see, FB and Instagram send me into orbit too often. Sigh. Hope your writer’s block will dissipate soon, or at least you’ll share more pics of the ‘block.’ 😸

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    1. I have enjoyed peaking at your blog now and then – not as much as I’d like. It’s always funny to see how different the weather is 8 or 10 miles away! Actually, I enjoy hearing about Elsa the most. No glamorous job, just a good girl. Thank goodness for my pack/clowder/flock! That’s about all I photograph any more besides my garden…

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      1. It is indeed fascinating to see our various microclimates so close, yet often far away when it comes to weather. So sweet of you to mention my little ninja who is often a pill. But I vowed to give her the best life she could ever want after her start in a puppy mill and with her epilepsy. She’s sweet and yet she can be a real stinker to Norman. It’s a mystery as to why-he’s the chillest dog around and she never treated Sam that way. It’s lucky we each have our ‘packs’ and gardens to bring some sanity to our own worlds.

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        1. They certainly keep me grounded! I also have a black pup raised in a puppy mill. The vet thinks she was bred there a couple of times, too. So I understand the damage that environment renders. Living loved is a perfect revenge!

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  5. I noticed your absence. I haven’t been able to write either. 2022 has been hard, hard, HARD. I figure it’s the challenge I need before my 50th next year, almost like Salt Lake had to kick me out just like my childhood home did. (I have to feel that way in order to not feel downright betrayed by my favorite number. 222, why you gotta stick it to me?) I’m weeding out the riff riff and getting clear about what I’ve learned. What do I want to keep? What am I finished with and and ready to let go? I’m better today than I’ve been, but rattled yet and not inspired to write. I’m glad to hear from you.

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    1. I’m sorry this year has been even more challenging. I’ve also gotten rid of the riff, but have been lucky enough to have some of the good things pop in now and then. Thank you for welcoming me back. I’m afraid I’ve not had the energy to comment much (at all). It just felt too hard to think up cherry, encouraging things. I guess that sounds pathetic, but it’s truth. I hope things start picking up for you!


      1. Thanks, Karel. I’m good, in spite of everything. I’m old enough to recognize growing pains for what they are, and grateful to be growing. Some years are harder than others.

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    1. This break started in February as part of the late winter blahs. Then the summer blahs. Too much work at the office and my side business made me a dull woman. And nothing interesting in my life. Sigh.

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  6. I missed you. And I can tell you something is ‘off’ with WP. I have had trouble posting responses and even liking. I know others have too. I had to work around to make this comment. oh well!

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