River Turns Six!

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Happy Birthday to me!

River turned six years old a couple of weeks ago. Where has all the time gone? It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was placing her on the corner of my bed, indicating she was going to sleep there. She seemed pretty surprised and a bit nervous. It was her first night outside the barn the farmers had set up for their dogs. She was five months old and had apparently thought she would stay with the farmers and her mother forever.

Apricot standard poodle rests on a fake fur bed, her head resting on a yellow stuffie.
This duck is one River’s favorite toys; it makes a great pillow.

The bed surprised her, but not near as much as her supper had! She had smelled the cooking meat and vegetables and looked absolutely stunned when I spooned the warm mixture into a bowl and set it in front of her. She wasted no time scarfing that down! By the next morning, her nervousness was gone, and she seemed…happy. It wasn’t the barn – our home was clearly better. She soon settled into our bed, our lives, and our hearts.

An apricot standard poodle lays with her head up, looking at the camera. Beside her is a tan and  black dog with shaggy hair. Next to her is a small black dog resembling a miniature schnauzer.
Here’s River with our older dogs, Tribble and Garnet. They have been long-time friends, and I think River felt a bit left out.
River was very excited when Gracie joined our household; they are best friends. It is so cute to hear Gracie talk to River and to watch River kiss her whenever they see each other!

River is happy to be here. She is devoted to my husband and me, but she also has a life of her own. She has a job that she takes seriously – monitoring house security and alerting us to anyone coming near the front of the house. She also has Gracie as her best friend and has all the toys she could want. We cherish her and are planning on another six fabulous years with her!

This black teddy bear was a gift from some young man to one of our daughters. The man was soon forgotten, but the teddy bear is a favorite with the dogs! They take turns sleeping with it and carrying it around! Again, it acts as a pillow for River.
Our cockatoo Sugar is also River’s friend. River adores Sugar, who often steals food off my plate and drops it to River for her to eat.


  1. A Belated Happy Birthday to River. We got Sissy pretty much the same way as River… at roughly 4 months, she had been living in a barn on a farm. She was something special and she is deeply missed. They sure do take a piece of your heart when they go far too soon… but enjoy and treasure every moment in the meantime.
    That’s quite a menagerie you have there! So much joy!

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    1. We all agree that it’s better than the farm! Homemade food, air conditioning, comfy beds with your peeps… It’s all good! Thank you for joining us in the celebration.


  2. Happy Barkday, sweet River. 🦴🎉🦴 She looks so much like my beloved Sam, seeing her face brought a tear and a smile to my heart. What a cutie pie and how precious that she has made many lovely connection with the other pets. Please give her an extra ear rub from me.

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  3. What a sweet post — full of love and devotion.
    My pet turned ‘something’ yesterday. Over 15 times the age of River! I found him years ago at a church dance and decided to take him home with me. 😉

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