When We Need to Rest and Restore

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The best time of year to go camping is when you can find yourself alone in the wild, wherever that might be. Summer is so easy, but it is also so crowded. I go camping to get away from people so I may rest and restore. That doesn’t work as well in a crowd. Since we bought our RV a few years ago, my husband and I find ourselves camping more and more in the winter. Yes, there is cold weather. Yes, sometimes it’s scary to pull our 5th-wheel in the snow. But it’s all worth it when the sprawling campground has only two other campers in it, and they are out of sight and mind. We took a little weekend trip recently, and it was very cold. The camper was very cozy, though, and it was a restful weekend.  Just what we needed. I hope that each of you finds a way to rest and restore, too.

A stand of aspen and pine trees stand on dry ground. The aspens have lost their leaves over a month ago, but the pines keep it green.
View through our camper window (sorry for the reflected lights). We left several inches of snow behind for this ! Totally worth it.


  1. I don’t have an RV, but I still love winter camping. We have a spot along the coast where it’s always about the same temp year round, but the campgrounds are almost completely empty in the winter (long waiting list in the summer). We only had one scary experience. In the middle of the night once a huge storm blew in and the trees were bending so far I worried one of the branches would snap and fall on our tent. The park ranger came by around 1 a.m. and told us to pack up and leave! My kids were 5 and 7 at the time. I shoved them in the car with blankets and used my car’s headlights to pack everything up in the dark. We were fine, but it was a bit intense!

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    1. What a good ranger! I’ve had relatives that were tent camping when a tornado came through. It was a mess, but they lived through it. I remember being in our old camper (smaller and less solid) in 80 mile an hour winds in New Mexico. That was a bit scary, but we kept the kids playing games, so they didn’t have time to be scared. I can’t imagine tent camping in that kind of storm!

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  2. We try to find places with dispersed camping whenever we can. I call them our “middle of nowhere spots”. It’s so very nice to get utterly away from all the hustle and bustle.

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    1. We disperse camped for years. But as we age, we have a higher appreciation for showers and not needing bear spray just to go potty. The RV allows us to do that. It’s not perfect, since we dislike the campgrounds. Winter camping helps.


  3. I thought those reflected lights were flying saucers. Aliens looking for a place to rest and restore.
    Sorry! Didn’t mean to joke about your lovely trip. lol

    We all need a place to R&R. Sometimes walking to the mailbox is right. Sometimes I enjoy the crowds at Walmart for I escape the quietness of my home.
    Being aware of that need is important. Treat yourself!

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    1. Walmart sounds way too crowded! That would be overload. A walk to the mail box is about my speed, too.

      I didn’t see the reflected lights on my photo at first, and when I did, I saw the resemblance, too. Nothing that exciting, though.

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