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white and pink blossom, Allerton Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii

Yes! No! Balance it Out

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions; I resolve to make changes in my life when I find they’re needed, not just when the calendar changes. There are commitments I’ve made to myself that I want to reinforce today, and I’ll do that. I’m won’t bore you with […]

Snowy mountain, Colorado

Meet my new friend: Resilience

What is strength? For those who have been hurt in the past, strength means invulnerability. It means being impervious to harm, protected and safe.  Physical safety is important, particularly for those who have been unsafe in the past. But emotional safety? It’s another word for isolation. I have […]

barrel cactus, thorns

Ohhh, the Pressure!

I wanted to talk about blogging angst because I’ve seen so much of it lately. But what I have to say really can apply to many things. Bloggers start blogging because they like it.People blog for their own reasons, but then discover an entire community of people interested […]

cactus flower

Shutting the door, Leaving it unlocked

In elementary school, I was proud of my childish artwork, but no one noticed it. Nothing got saved, or framed; I had no talent. Even now, as an adult, I feel frustrated at the beautiful compositions that I can imagine which my hands can’t execute. My handwriting is […]