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Embracing Risk

“Take risks. If you’re lucky you’ll be rich; if you aren’t you’ll be wise.”  – Ancient Chinese Saying I was raised in a culture of risk avoidance, and I was well into my adulthood before a counselor suggested that I needed to learn how to take risks. Risk […]

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The Final Frontier

There are many ways to slice and dice people into different groups. I happened to see a television show today which characterized the world in different terms: those who believe in UFOs and aliens, and those who don’t. The ones that don’t believe in UFOs look like they […]

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Constructive Conflict

Conflict is all around us, every day it seems to encroach on our territory. Some people seem to invite conflict, consciously or unconsciously, because they are defensive. If they’re constantly trying to defend their territory – and it takes two to tango! Someone will come along to criticize […]

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Ohhh, the Pressure!

I wanted to talk about blogging angst because I’ve seen so much of it lately. But what I have to say really can apply to many things. Bloggers start blogging because they like it.People blog for their own reasons, but then discover an entire community of people interested […]

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Fear Transformed into Action

I’m a studier, ruminator, reader, thinker, analyst, ponderer. I think about things. A lot. I’ve noticed that during the past few years, I’ve been far more comfortable learning more about a subject than I am comfortable actually acting upon what I’ve learned. I tell myself that I’m not […]

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Love, Like a Rock

I want to thank someone dear to me for providing such a wonderful example of being a good mother. Her adult daughter was unhappy in her marriage and made some long-lasting choices while leaving that marriage. It ended with a divorce and a new baby by a new […]