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The Final Frontier

courtesy of NASA

courtesy of NASA

There are many ways to slice and dice people into different groups. I happened to see a television show today

Comet McNaught, courtesy of NASA

Comet McNaught, courtesy of NASA

which characterized the world in different terms: those who believe in UFOs and aliens, and those who don’t. The ones that don’t believe in UFOs look like they have an extreme need to control their environment by denying anything that is inconvenient or expects them to re-examine some basic beliefs. For their sakes, I hope they’re right and we’re alone.

My experience has been that many people believe, they just don’t admit it publicly. So let’s look at the believers. There are three groups. Two sub-groups are cut and dried: they believe all aliens are good or conversely, all aliens are evil, here to exploit and enslave us. Hmmm. Is anything in the universe and beyond that is so simple as one point of view for everyone? Then there are the critical thinkers that believe that aliens may come in many different shapes, sizes, species, and appearance. They speculate that some may be augmented by machines and they wonder how and where they would go and why. It’s a beautiful intellectual adventure for this group to envision what else could be out there.

The pleiades, courtesy of NASA

The pleiades, courtesy of NASA

courtesy of NASA

courtesy of NASA

milky way

The Milky Way, courtesy of NASA

I‘m not afraid of disorder, and I spend a lot of time questioning life around me. So, there’s probably no secret which group I belong to. I love watching shows about space, astrophysics, aliens, spacecraft, planets, and the stars. For me, it is a creative pursuit – candy for my imagination. When I watched the show today as I made my breakfast, I wondered what the scientists were overlooking. Where had they based their thoughts on errant assumptions? I could think of several questionable assumptions the scientists on the show made that excluded some pretty interesting outcomes. If I stop trying to control the situation, and let myself wonder what could be possible, my thoughts and dreams take flight! Why settle on the pedestrian life that I know when I can dream of far more? I can be a realist and deal with what is in front of me. The legal profession requires that, and I can do it. But the times that I can dream this way make me really feel alive! I can see far beyond this time and space, wondering what else is possible. What makes you dream big, this way? What gets your imagination going? What stimulates your creativity?

Summit of Mt. Shasta, California

Summit of Mt. Shasta, California

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  1. That last photo is amazing! If there is life out there (which seems likely to me), we probably have no way to conceptualize it. No matter what, we will never be able to dream it up before we see it. We are too rooted in our own biology!


  2. I do think there’s life beyond our planet, but if that’s true, I do hope there are no alien abductions! As I read your post, the photos kept making the old Star Trek theme music play in my mind. 🙂


    • I’ve never met anyone who thought they were abducted, although I’ve met several who believe they’ve had other contact. And yes, the star trek theme would be perfect for this post!


  3. I find it hard to imagine that there is no other life out there, with the amazing variety we have right here on this little planet.

    That being said, the way the term “UFO” gets used rubs me the wrong way. Do I believe in unidentified flying objects? Do I believe that I can see something in the sky and not be able to identify it? Absolutely! Do I believe that that unidentified flying object is a visitor from another planet? I don’t disbelieve it.


  4. Here’s the problem, right here:

    “…those who believe in UFOs”

    Specifically, the wording. And, how we’ve been trained to use the word “believe.”

    We “believe” in Santa Claus (fictitious)

    We “believe” in the Tooth Fairy (fictitious)

    And, we’re told to “believe” in “God.” (fictitious?)

    Humans “believe” in things they can’t prove.

    But, I bet we’re going to have a better shot at proving UFO’s – than we’d ever have proving a white guy, on a cloud, wearing a toga.


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