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Open Doors to High Adventure

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Silkey terrier, outside trotting
Silky Terrier, “Nutty”

My terrier taught me something today. I’ve got lots of pets, but this guy isn’t mellow like the cats or suspicious like my parrots. He’s fearless. Typical terrier, he doesn’t come when he’s called. If he’s out of the house or yard, he’s pretty hard to catch. Until we unleash the secret weapon. We open a door!

To catch him, we open the car door, to go for a ride. We open a building door, etc. He’s not so eager to go into the house that way, a place of safety and known-ness. But if it looks like high adventure or something new, he’s up for it and runs in full blast.

I need to be more like him, leaving the safety of my home and the known-ness of my world. I need to be ready and willing to try out high adventure. When a door opens, I need to go through it!


  1. That is an interesting analogy, indeed.

    Each of my pets, in my opinion, were given to me for a reason. (I’m not religious, but I do believe there is a higher purpose in most things, such as why our pets have certain personalities)

    I think it’s wise to consider that your dog may be trying to tell you something….very wise, indeed.


    1. I just don’t like it when they show me some of my faults. But, nonetheless, they do it all the time. At least they do it with love and compassion. Well, sometimes!


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