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Sunshine Award!

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Sunshine Award!

Official Sunshine Award for Blogging icon

On March 5, 2012,  nominated me for the Sunshine Award. I was so startled and surprised that it’s taken me a few weeks to figure out what to do! I want to thank Katrina at for the nomination and her support.

As a part of this award custom, after acknowledging and thanking the blog that nominated me, I must answer the following ten questions:


favorite color – Purple, with teal at a close second.

favorite animal –  hard to say, as they are all admirable, and I have had plenty of different kinds as pets  (still do). But if I could only have one animal in my life, it would be a cat.

favorite number– Really? Numbers are not my friends. I’d have to go with even numbers generally, and if I had to pick one, it would be 8.

favorite non alcoholic drink– iced tea (unsweetened)

Facebook or twitter– Facebook (I’m too wordy for Twitter).

my passion–  metaphysics and writing. Reading too.

getting or giving presents– Giving, but receiving is fun when it’s from people who care.

favorite pattern– Hmmm. That’s an odd one. Leaves would be a favorite theme.

favorite day of the week–  Sunday, hands down.

favorite flower– Irises, tulips, and violets.

It is my privilege to pass this award on to another 10 bloggers. Check them out and see if you like them too!


Those who receive this award may participate in passing it on to another 10, but it isn’t required. It’s a small way to spread the word and meet new friends.


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