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Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

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I give a heartfelt thanks to Amy Keast at for nominating me for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” on March 21, 2012!  Amy is a multi-talented gal with a lot going on, and I enjoy her blog daily.

The rules of the award expect me to thank the person who nominated me, share 7 things about myself, and then pass it on to 7 new nominees.

So, here are seven things about me that you may not have known otherwise.

  • I saved my father’s life while rock climbing, when I was about 14 years old.
  • I live in the western U.S. and love it here – high and dry, lots of sunshine, a nice amount of snow, and authentic people.
  • I have four children, all gifted in different ways and dear to my heart.
  • I witnessed the murder of a stranger once, quite by accident.
  • I haven’t, nor do intend to, read “Twilight;” neither have I seen, or intend to see, the movie.
  • My grandfather was a hands-on energy-healer, and something like that was passed down to me. His spirit keeps coming to visit me to say how proud he is that I understand the family “gift.” I think he’s trying to help me as a means to make up for some of the rather cruel things he did when alive.
  • I have a healthy, enduring meditation practice but try to remember to also “be” in the real world.

These are some of the blogs that inspire, inform, and encourage me. Check them out and see if they may possibly do the same for you. To my male readers, I apologize for the feminist angle suggested in #3, but the advice there could apply to all people at all ages.

Just so we’re clear, there is never an award actually given, just lots of nominations! It’s a way to show off our favorite bloggers and share something about ourselves. Awards like these have been a way that I’ve been introduced to several wonderful new blogs that I really enjoy.


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