Tribble’s Job

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Tribble’s baby picture, summer 2010

I volunteered my dog to participate in a class for animal communicators. People in the class were invited to talk to my dog, Tribble, whose photograph I showed them, and tell me if she had a message. Most of the communicators got pretty much what I expected. Then, there was the student who didn’t.  Her reading when something like this:

“Your dog’s showing me a woman in the house that is the most important person in the world. Everything is all about her. No one else matters. This person thinks that she is very important….”

And it went on and on. She described Tribble’s relationship to the most egotistical person on the planet. How could she describe me that way? I was horrified. I don’t think that I’m the most important person in the world, and our whole household doesn’t revolve around me. With four children, a number of pets, etc. how could it?

Then I realized, that this was, indeed Tribble’s perception of me. I’m not the most important person in the world to anyone but her. To her, I am everything, her whole world, and the most important person. I must be taken care of by her at all costs. I am adored. This, after all, is the new “work” of dogs, to support us emotionally. I am the one who chose the dog, feed her, oversee her veterinary care, manage her haircuts, and take her in the car. I am the one she sleeps with and the one that she greets the most enthusiastically when I come home.

Tribble holding her toy “baby”

I went from being horrified at the discussion to being emotionally touched. When I come home from an unpleasant day at work, it’s gratifying to have such a bundle of love greet me. It’s often the best moment of the day. She’s so focused and so happy to see me. It makes me want to reciprocate in every way I can. I love little Tribble, and it made sense when the student said that Tribble showed her a picture of her paw touching me on the chest, sending love into my heart. It totally made sense.


  1. thank you for this most delicious, heart-warming personal tale of the important work our animal companions do for us. how blessed we are that are loved by them.


      1. I’ve always had at least three at a time. We lost our Momma dog last year.

        Now, we have two.

        But, I’m thinking, since their elderly, not to get another one until they leave. Then, I’ll get a full-grown dog, and give it some nice memories before it leaves – too 🙂


        1. Tribble is Garnet’s puppy. If you remember the post about Garnet, she came to us already pregnant. We found homes for all the puppies, but I couldn’t part with this one. She and Garnet have been together with me before….


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