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Today, Theresa Silverthorn, from Beyond the Pear Tree, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger, Very Inspiring Blogger, One Lovely Blog, and Sunshine awards today! Holy Crap! I was stunned! Thank you, Theresa.

She was one of the first to welcome me to WordPress, and I appreciate that courtesy. She has tasked me with naming ten random, relatively unknown things about me, and nominate twenty other blogs. So, I have to work for these!

Cherry Coley at Spilled Cookies also nominated me for the Versatile Blog and Beautiful Blogger awards on May 30th, but I hadn’t settled down enough to respond. Thank you, Cherry!! So, I’m adding that in here. Spilled Cookies considerately only expected 7 random, facts about myself and an unspecified number of blog nominations! So, here goes.

I’m having a hard time thinking of something random, relatively unknown, that I nonetheless want to share with the blogging world! I never thought anyone would ever read my blog, so I’m really touched that someone not only reads it, but would gift me with such an award. Thanks again Theresa and Cherry!

  1. My mother is very proud that was a guest on the local Romper Room TV show in the backwoods place where I grew up. (I’m a bit horrified and embarrassed.)
  2. My Goffins’ cockatoo has a crush on me and loves to nuzzle me. He thinks my boobs are deluxe bird perches.
  3. I spend more on books than clothes. I’m not sure if this speaks more to my love of books or my lack of desire to dress expensively and shop often. My clothes often make people think that I’m a regular person, rather than a high-priced, snooty lawyer, which is a good thing. Because, after all, I’m a normal person.
  4. I hate e-readers.
  5. I love my iPad, which I got for my birthday as a gift from my wonderful, tech-savvy spouse. I don’t play games or read novels on it, yet use it all the time.
  6. I’m a tea snob – not so much that I use loose leaf (I hate the grounds in the cup) but I refuse to drink instant or pre-mixed (a euphemism for the stuff that comes out of the soft-drink dispenser).
  7. I have a “way” with animals.
  8. I think that veterinary bills should be tax-deductible, just like human medical bills.
  9. I want to change to a raw diet, but I’m addicted to bread. Maybe ice cream. Definitely iced tea, which generally requires hot water. I don’t think this is going to happen.
  10. I once met Alan Shepard, the astronaut.

As I prepared my blogroll of favorites, I checked my WordPress list. I was horrified to see that there were a number of blogs that I wanted to follow, but were silent. I now see that I had not indicated the right settings and wasn’t receiving post notifications. My apologies. I’ve fixed it, and hope to pop in more often. However, I’m determined to spend more time living than I do writing about it, so there’s a limit!

Now, for the wonderful blog nominations. These are blogs that I read and enjoy, although there are many more as well. If you don’t read them already, please check out Beyond the Pear Tree and Spilled Cookies.

The Versatile Blogger, Very Inspiring Blogger, One Lovely Blog, and Sunshine, Beautiful Blogger

For the Versatile Blogger:

Very Inspiring Blogger:

One Lovely Blog:

Sunshine Award:

Beautiful Blogger Award:


  1. Thank you so much for nominating my blog in the ‘inspirational’ category. I will work on fulfilling my part in carrying it out and continue to write what I hope are helpful posts. I will also do a post on your nomination and come up with 10 random things about me and nominate a bunch more blogs.


  2. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate your acknowledgement. I enjoy your blog also and look forward to your posts.
    By the way, I agree with you on the veterinary bills and on the clothes issue. I’m not into the latest anything so fashion does not interest me. I’d much rather spend my dollars on books., which by the way, I do. Big hugs to you.


  3. Congratulations on your awards, and thanks for nominating my blog! I don’t do alot of those posts these days, but maybe I will do that one later this summer. It was great to learn more about you – I can relate on so many things, particularly spending more on book than clothes:-) I have reluctantly embraced e-readers though, particularly the Ipad (did you know there’s a free app for reading Kindle books on the Ipad?) I still love physical books and visit the library a lot, but there’s many things available in e-format only, and it’s so much easier to carry around…


    1. Yes, I admit that I love the iPad and have a few books on there. I have one novel on which I’ve read about 4 pages, and a reference book that I use frequently. I don’t mind a blog that goes for quality rather than quantity. Don’t let the prolific posters get you down; go at a pace that works for you.


    1. When I was in undergraduate school (around 1981), I worked full-time at a small hospital in Weatherford, Oklahoma on the evening shift so I could go to school full-time during the day. He came in to admit his mother to the hospital, and I handled the admission. Not glamourous, but I was really surprised. Our small town had a street named after him. He was polite, quiet.


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