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Squash blossoms

It’s hard to escape the fact that summer is in full-force. It’s hot everywhere, from what I can tell. I’ve heard that many gardens this year are really suffering, due to the drought here, but my back-yard garden is doing well. It’s shaded from all-day frying by the shade of our aspen trees to the west. We ate fresh homegrown tomatoes this weekend.

These babies are still growing; they’ll be red, ripe tomatoes some day.

I started some classes early this spring, and they planted the seeds of some new skills I’m working on. Like my growing plants, my skills are growing. Some are growing by leaps and bounds, some are a little slower, and some, well, aren’t my strength. But together, they all work together to reach the overall goal. After all, the flowers in the garden don’t produce any fruit, but they attract all the bees, butterflies, and others who pollinate the vegetables.

Baby eggplant
Grapevines gone wild! Tribble is hoping they’ll make more shade soon.

My grape vines are really taking off, but there’s no fruit. I’m not sure why; if anyone has any insight on that, please let me know. The other vegetables are doing fine. I hope that my own “seeds” will fare this well too!

First baby on our new pear tree.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, and how exciting to have your own pear tree! We have a small veggie garden, and we get excited every time a new veggie develops. About your grapes not bearing fruit, I don’t know what type of grapes you planted, but check out this site:
    maybe there’ll be some helpful info for you there. Apparently there are a lot of people who have the same issue – there are Q&A forums online that you can find through Google, all dealing with the same thing. Good luck! 🙂


  2. Karel:
    Your pear is beautiful. How interesting it is that I just painted a still life of a pear! It was my warm-up painting to get the feel of the brushes again after not painting for fifteen years. I will save that pear painting for you as a momento of your first successful pear!
    I am proud of you for not doing what is aways easy. You have learned to struggle successfully with the things that are not easy. That is wisdom personified, a real gift.
    Love you


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