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Not Afraid of Hard Work

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My oregano plants and blossoms

I planted some big seeds in the early spring, personally and professionally, physically and metaphorically. It’s high summer now, and my garden is getting big. Flowers are blooming, plants growing, and vegetables are ripening.  They’re doing fine with lots of water and sunshine.

My personal and professional lives are something else. Professionally, the pressure is building; the cases are getting to critical stages where a lot of time and effort is required, while management explains why all of us need to do more, more, more. Now, I’ve done more than my share, if things were divided equally. I’ve been exceeding my

Near my office – much prettier in the spring than it is now.

performance goals all year. But if they can squeeze more out of me, they will, because some people haven’t had the same type of good timing, and management likes to shine (who doesn’t?). But the work is mounting, the stakes keep getting higher, and I’m getting pretty tired of working ten-hour days, skipping lunch, and staying focused. So I did what I had to, and took Friday off.

Why? Because the personal life is heating up too. I’ve got three long-term projects and plenty of short-term activities going that are taking a lot of time, focus, and skill. Friday, I attended another class which brought together several years’ worth of work into a new focus that I appreciate and needed. It wasn’t a good time to take off work, but I balance things in a strange way. When I worked full-time and was in law school full-time (and balanced my family life too), it was a relief just to change tasks. I went to school and studied to get relief from work; I worked at my job as relief from school. I spent time with my children as a relief from everything else, but small children can be work too. I felt like a racehorse that kept rotating from one race to the next.

My kind of angel – fighting the good fight. Archangel Michael statue, Catholic Archdiocese of Denver

It feels that way now, again. I feel pressured, but honestly, I do well that way. I hit the zone, and everything just flows. It’s time to just get out of my way and let those horses run. I have several trips out-of-town scheduled, which makes it a bit harder. Those seeds have really grown, and the harvest is on its way. I just keep reminding myself to keep that sleep is critical for me to function, and I skimp there at my risk. And then there’s my mantra

from law school: “I’m not afraid of hard work.” A change of focus is a vacation from whatever I’m tired of doing. The harvest can be pretty fulfilling at times, and I feel lucky to get that.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. The one thing I learned (which I’m sure you already know) is that when I let myself get so wrapped up in all this other “stuff” and forget to take care of myself in the process, eventually i break down and everything I’ve worked so hard for breaks down too. That’s something I have to stay ever vigilant about, because I always tend to put myself last….if I even make that slot. Good luck with all of it!


    1. Yes, Raisingdaisy, you’re right. There will be a time when I’ll bring the energy back to center and renew. I can’t go too long without that. And I can’t skip my meditation practice or it really hurts!


  2. Love Lecture
    If you are going to stay in the race, get your rest. That is number one! You do have an amazing work ethic. I don’t think I have ever heard you complain about work….as long as it isn’t housecleaning. You do a wonderful service with your work; it is important work. Stay well so you can do it; and that takes rest.
    End of lecture.
    Love you


    1. Yeah, I have learned that sleep is important, and on my worst days I get more than I did in law school. And I’m still looking for the self-cleaning house!


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