Long-earred owl

Thank you

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likeable-blog-1000-1xTo all of you that I’ve met during my blogging experience, I just want to say thank you.

long-earred owl
long-earred owl

You have enriched my life and expanded my horizons. This month, I received my 1000th “Like,” which may not be much to some, but since I only blog a few times per month, it seemed pretty astounding to me! I just want to thank everyone who stops by, whether you “like” it or not, comment or not. I appreciate the companionship, community, and conversations here. I’ve been disappointed when some of my blogging friends quit, then encouraged again when they reappeared, refreshed.

Most of all, I appreciate your encouragement to keep the creative fires burning and the camera snapping. Thank you.


    1. Thanks. I’m not as prolific as most of my blogging friends, so I’m a little surprised to have made this milestone. I appreciate your blog – thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations! Your blog is a wonderful insight to your mind. I always feel like we just had a good visit when I read your blogs.

    Can you send a loving message to your reader, raisingdaisy, to be sure they take her aunt’s favorite pillow to the assisted living with her. Those and similiar kinds of facilities always have crappy pillows.



  2. Congrats on your achievement! I agree that I’m disappointed sometimes when blogging buddies quit, but then again I haven’t been doing my usual weekly blogging since I’ve been so heavily wrapped up in my aunt’s move to assisted living. My friend keeps sending me helpful email reminders to “breathe”, and your blog reminds me to do the same. So glad we met!


    1. Thank you. Given how busy you are, I’m amazed you have time to breathe! Mom suggests you make sure your Aunt takes her own pillow to the facility. If the facility provides one, she says they are usually pretty sub-standard. Good luck, and hang in there


  3. We really never know the effect we have on others with our words or pictures. I am sure you have reached far more people than you suspect. I often don’t leave a comment or like where I visit but come away from a post with new ideas and thoughts to ponder.
    WOW! 1000 likes. I left a like to begin your next 1000. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! You’re right, I don’t know if I reach anyone or give anyone pause for thought. I enjoy the creative process and community far more than I expected. Thank you for being a part of it.


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